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Purchased 25M worth of rat traps, game said lost connection, lost the xp

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As title, I just purchased 25M worth of Rat Traps and was on about my 4th opening of the 1-3 donuts as I’m on level 939, then the game said lost connection and when I got back in there was no more XP and no more donuts to open. So I’ve lost probably 100+ donuts.

Do I need to contact support over this or will the lost do come back?



  • They ain’t coming back and I doubt you’ll get any joy out of EA. You can try, but I’d chalk it up to experience and move on. I lost a few a while back and have only done ten at a time ever since.
  • EA generally will not help in compensation of harvested donuts. I lost 4.29B game cash before due to the game numbers limitation back then and they also ignored my request. But you can try. Some lucky souls do get special treatments
  • gbh4
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    Thanks, I’ll give it a try anyway. Seems strange to offer an XP collider that you pay donuts to activate, but then stop people using them to get Xp.
  • From time to time the game will crash and show you the bart screen when you are harvesting donuts. As @lucienleon519 said, do a few trucks at a time. See how much you think you can risk losing. Last night my game crashed repeatedly while playing donuts too.
  • I use bloodmobiles because rat trap trucks always crash my game. Perhaps try them instead? :)
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  • This happened to me a few times this morning too. I stuck to placing five bloodmobiles in the end as the game was crashing on ten.
  • annettemarc
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    This happened to me a few times this morning too. I stuck to placing five bloodmobiles in the end as the game was crashing on ten.

    Yikes. Crashing at 10 now. A month or so ago I crashed on 20, switched to 12. Then a few weeks later I crashed on 12 and switched to 10. If it's down to 5 I'll start placing my blood mobiles every million or so dollars instead of waiting to reach 10 million like I currently do. It sounds kinds tedious to do a long series of fives.

    (First World problem, right?)
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  • At the moment it is crashing like crazy.
  • I'm also experiencing excessive disconnects from server. There must be something unusual on their end.

    Good luck getting your lost stuff. Your strong sense of entitlement should certainly convince them to provide remedy.
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  • Willy9292
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    The last few days have been particularly bad for server crashes/ disconnects. Unfortunately @gbh4 this is an issue that has been well documented here, for quite some time. I seldom do over 10 RTT any more due to this
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  • fastshadow2
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    yeah, same here and not just grinding donuts
    friend visits has also been bad for days
    thought it was my internet😀
    give it time, it should work itself out
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  • 4junk3000
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    I'm planting a crop of KeMs that's approximately 17x9, every 4 hrs. The only crashes I'm worried about are when the xp payout is floating. So I tap and collect them in groups of 10. I've had only two crashes doing it this way, where I lost the chance for the donut box. But I'm not worried about it because as long as I have a crop growing, whenever I log in i get a donut box immediately that's not in sync with the xp meter or anything else. Confusing but very welcome
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  • 25M would be like 166 RTT! That too many all at once even when the servers are fine.
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  • gbh4
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    I did eventually contact support, they couldn’t do much other than give me 20 doughnuts.

    I’ll be more careful next time and just place a few at once.
  • I usually do about 100 Rat Truck farming and then collect the donuts. I would wait a couple days and do some more.
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  • If the server is working okay, I will do ten at a time. But the last few weeks I've gone down to 5 or even 3 on really bad days.
  • The server problems we are currently experiencing is why you shouldn't put down a ridiculous amount of RTTs or BMs.

    You're basically burning money right now.
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  • bluntcard
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    Sorry. That sucks. I'm trying to remember how many I lost the first time I learned this lesson. It was a lot. I do about 25 bloodmobiles at a time, now. I usually just collect donuts for the amount of something I want. It's so tedious isn't it?
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  • zlevell786
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    I’m doing one at a time lately. 2 or 3 if I’m feeling daring. It is very tedious. I hope they fix it soon.
  • 3 at a time for me too lately.
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