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Hey EA. TSTO matters to us your customers - Thanks for the info!


  • Willy9292
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    A quick bump
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  • suetopia
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    I like this game, and would like for it to continue.

    I’m hoping the pause in content/updates and problems with connectivity are a temporary result of restructuring, and that once EA gets things settled they will put a team of devs back on this game.

    Fingers crossed.
  • Donna4612
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    edited April 2019
    I agree with Willie and everyone else. I have been playing since Dec 2012. I don’t remember how many boatloads of donuts I bought before any big event started. But I spent a lot of money. Less now that EA created all those donut generators (finding Maggie, Monorail).

    Whacking Day was hard trying to find all those snakes, but I also gained a lot of new neighbors that are still playing and don’t post to this forum.
    Stonecutters (I think that was the name) was the most fun IMHO.
    But I’ve enjoyed ALL the events (even the one that shall not be named).

    This is the only EA game I play.
    I want to continue playing.
    Please update us on the status of the game.
  • I'd love to hear from EA for even just a quick, general response about where they see things going. Is this a planned lull? Unplanned? Are things winding down? Or maybe there are plans for much more content, and they are just making some changes.

    A response like this may not be owed, but it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  • Willy9292
    1796 posts Member
    Hey all, thanks for the posts. There are tons of forum regulars who have not chimed in yet. Let's keep this thread front and centre and remember numbers count.
    I am old enough to remember Star Trek being cancelled at the end of season 2 and the fan outcry was what kept it going, and it's still going.
    Unsolicited friends requests are all denied.Please PM me.
  • I agree completely. It’s just disrespectful to keep us in the dark. Hopefully we get some new content, or some information at least, in the next couple of days.
  • I’m a hardcore daily player since day 1. I hope EA provides some explanation because I truly love the game and want to continue playing as I have, daily, for years to come.
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  • tathom
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    ive been playing since 2012.. remembering first downloading the game during a work trip to kill time. its kind of sad.. it seems to be at its end. i hope not..

    one of my favorite events was the trick o treat halloween when all the kids had costumes.

    and the first christmas events.. flying homer santa. elves running around.
  • I wonder what the odds of them communicating with the community are. Realistically speaking, I don’t imagine we will be hearing from anyone soon.

    With that said, I’ll stick around for a while in hopes that this is just a break. Optimism hasn’t hurt anyone before, right? And who knows? Maybe the dev team just needed a vacation. A long one by the looks of it.
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  • BUMP ! ! !
  • I'm finding the whole situation very confusing. :/

    Why bother to set up a direct communication line to all of our fan sites such Tapped Out UK, TSTO addicts, Wiki and here etc after 5 years of ignoring us to then give us just 1 year of information but nothing since Christmas?! :(

    I've had no replies from our contact via email through my site at TOUK although I know for sure they are still working for EA. To my best knowledge neither has addicts... we are in the dark as much as everyone else. :#
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  • If there’s no update this week, big or small, no communication just saying hang in there, and no fix to the servers to stop the current Crash-O-Rama, I can see a number of long-term players either flooding EA with complaints (new thread please with cut and paste rant and appropriate EA email address so we can all join in): or just flipping EA the bird and walking away.

    My choice for all my Tapped Out news and troll-free friendly chat is the EA officially approved Tapped Out UK :)
  • I rarely post here ,but....
    I'm struggling to find a reason to log into the game. I don't think it's unreasonable to hope EA would give us some feedback on what is or isn't happening. Especially with the sites that began a supposed relationship with EA after they reached out to create it.
    Unfortunately for EA I'm finding my game entertainment elsewhere atm.
  • The lack of communication from EA is extremely frustrating. I understand that EA are having tough times, I get that the Disney takeover of Fox's assets could possibly cause some issues.
    The lack of information or a simple update from EA, especially to the people who run fan-sites and blogs that keep the TSTO community going, dreadful. Of course there could be (and most likely are) very good reasons for the radio-silence, but as a simple player, out of the loop, it's beyond disheartening. I can well see that with much more of this TSTO will be haemorrhaging users eager to find a game that is actually supported.

    Please can we have some kind of acknowledgement from EA that something is being worked on, that there is some kind of update headed our way? Even just a "hello!"?
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  • annettemarc
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    I just googled how do I contact ea by phone...
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  • I just googled how do I contact ea by phone...

    Also contact Matt Groening while your at it. :)
    Here have a banana!!
  • Well said, Willy9292!

    There should be an open line of communication here, not just a dead end where questions remain unanswered (and perplexingly, where customer service send people so that they hit this dead end).

    If the game is done, that's fine. It's the not knowing part that irks me. I play another EA game regularly, and their message board is on a some Reddit page. BUT at least a representative comes on regularly and lets us know that information is being passed up the chain of command, and she gives us updates when she has them. It's a small degree of customer support which I feel we should be entitled to.
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  • 1MikeyM
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    Fair play Willy
    Good thought and effort.
    Unfortunately I don't think it's going to work.
    EA have always been parsimonious with info and I can't see it changing.
    Yes the decent thing would be to let everyone know what's happening.
    It would also make the most sense in keeping players onboard.
    Personally I'm hoping for the best, but I'm not going to be shocked by the worst.

  • So many great posts here! Thanks @Willy9292 for starting this thread!

    I’ve contacted EA twice over the last few days. The first was by chat. I asked if the game was dead and added that there was a lot of speculation on the forum and we would like to know what was going on. I was told that they have no information on the game “going sunset”. And I was to check the forums (which I previously told him I was from 🤦🏻‍♂️) and check their Twitter page, which I did not find anything “official” (though maybe that’s my fault).

    The second time I contacted EA was via EA Help’s Twitter account. I asked the same thing I did when I contacted them by chat. No response as of yet but maybe that has to do with it being the weekend.

    The thing that gets me is when the rep said he didn’t have any info on the game going sunset. Being that EA is the developer, shouldn’t he know if there was an update coming in the next week or two if that was the case? I honestly don’t know if he should know this or if he’s just there to answer simple questions or gameplay issues.
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