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Purchased 25M worth of rat traps, game said lost connection, lost the xp



  • I do 6 at a time now , and cleared a space for it at my LZ. That way when the game reconnects, I don't have to swipe swipe swipe to get back to an open spot.
    Sky finger is in the LZ too.
  • gbh4
    27 posts Member
    Working fine still on 10-15 at a time. Not risking anymore!
  • The most I’ve done at a time is probably two dozen. Same thing happened to me and I contacted EA about it. Only thing they did was give me the RTT’s back into my inventory. No experience, donuts, or anything. I tried to explain what I was doing and the person I was talking to just didn’t get it. So now I do maybe 12-15 at a time. And also, it depends on how the game is acting. If I feel it slow down or if it’s crashed while I’m just scrolling through my town, I won’t even try to farm them.
  • AJtheboss1
    3869 posts Member
    I lost around 90 or so donuts like that as well when the yearbook was added. I had a few hundred million to burn and lost connection a few times while buying bloodmobiles. It sucked, but I didn’t bother contacting costumer service, given it would be bigger headache then it’s worth.
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  • Bing987
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    I do 11 at a time since that's how many RTTs will fit between two pieces of road I set up as markers at the edge of my city. I don't have to count as I place them.
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