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A challenge and an offer.

I have spent the downtime nuking my town and redesigning. Its taken approx 6 weeks to get to this point where I have pretty much exhausted everything in my storage. Still a few tweaks to go got me thinking...

This is a vibrant creative community, what could we do waiting in between updates. It would be neat if we could actually exchange items but since we can’t, why don’t we have fun by hiding messages or certain items in our towns and challenging each other to find them.

Which got me thinking as to what could be the actual payoff for finding the messages / items? I love to create and many users here inspire me with their creative ideas so I thought what if we could donate a certain amount of our time to creating another persons town?

So for example, if you find the 3 words hidden in my town, I will commit to spending 1 hour creating your town. It would require a certain element of trust.

What say the rest of you?


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