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Is there anyone that..... ?

I read a lot about players with max levels, have all characters, playing since the game first came out, making billions, etc...
But is there anyone that has reached a point where they have no more quests or tasks in their game? I mean : does that ever run out?


  • 168sean168
    3219 posts Member
    The daily tasks would always come but can always ignore it. For quests, many shouldn't have any to clear.
  • myyrah
    4 posts New member
    Wow, I guess I could see how that would happen but I've been playing it off and on since it came out and I need a lot of characters to go so no worries on my end. What level is the highest you've seen? I'm only on level 120.
  • Max level is 939. I am that level and I have almost every character. No questlines for me unless there is an event.
  • bluntcard
    3608 posts Member
    Many of the items from Yearbook Mystery Box will trigger quests. That should keep you busy for a long while, too.
    Make Nightmare Pile like Zombie Sandwich. All kids trick or treat at once.
  • stinkbugger
    1956 posts Member
    I still have a Walking KEM / Apu task.
    And a Steel Mill / Roscoe task.
    And a She-She Lounge / Patty task.
    So even if I got all characters etc my task book wouldn't be empty.

    I guess I could end a few of those, but I think I started believing the paranoid people on here that some of those tasks may eventually stop working.
  • I still have the Patty "Drink at Moe's" task and the Sven Golly "Perform Cheap Tricks" task for their quests.

    I leave them unfinished so characters can go to She-She Lounge/Hypnotist Tent.

    I should probably just finish off those quests. I don't really need the extra bucks/XP that they generate...
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