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Best character animation?

What animation of a character do you like most?
In quest : cocoa beanie getting bet up by kids 😂... dunno why but I hate that guy
On job : Mindy on her motorcycle... just because well .... she's a redhead biker chick ! 😂
What's yours?


  • I'm a sucker for group animations. I love the 4 person stonecutter table, Moe's Express, the Giant Radioactive Man battle scene and the Zombie Sandwich.

    Also, always loved Chalmers at the campfire, Gravedigger Billy, and (can't remember her name) the teenage girl lost in the woods.
  • Abe Lincoln splitting rails

    Nikki McKenna shredding the bowl

    Jimbo hacky-sacking a frog

    Bart owning Shelbyville

    Itchy & Scratchy fighting on the cartoon set
  • Helen Lovejoy "worship alongside Reverend Lovejoy"
    Mayan Marge "perform ancient dance ritual with Mayan Homer"
    Casino Bart "promote casino in style"
    Furious D "Admire Twonicorn"
    Mindy on her motorcycle
    LuAnn in the big red globe thingie.
    The priest whose name totally escapes me at the moment riding on his motorcycle.

    I set those before using job manager to assign everyone else to a uniform timed task. :)
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  • I love any of Otto’s according to the skin you put him in
  • Miss Springfield bringing up a fur ball.
  • 0Brooders0
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    Pin Pal Apu "polish balls" :D
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  • Moog go looking for ultraviolence

    Acorn Kirk getting chased by squirrels

    Jesus feeling sad no one remembers his birthday
  • Brother Faith riding on a cloud
  • Stephen Hawking rocketing around town
  • I forgot to mention Bernice Hibbert "argue with her husband"

    I'd love if these dual tasks would be listed in both characters' task lists. Assigning them in the current system is sometimes a pain. (First World problem, right?)
    USA/UK Race To Throw Country Into Utter Chaos = TOO CLOSE TO CALL
  • Rex Banner interrogating Ned Flanders
  • Tie between Cocoa Beanie getting beaten by kids and Beer Stein Wiggum rolling
  • johncolombo
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    Burns flaunt hydration is one of my favs. For those not familiar he does Jennifer Beals famous flash dance scene.
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  • ArmpitAttack
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    edited June 2019
    Brazilian tourist and flamingo lady shaking it. Grampa new years. Wiz. Martin fights comicbook guy on roof. Sleazak family, stonecutters at tables. Shiva run world. Ned werewolf constantly transforming. Bart halfpipe. Smithers & costumed alien skin, party on shoulders. Burns dancing on stage pantsless. Buddha levitate. Ralph sticks tongue to goat statue. Tony hot tub. Witch Marge broom. Building: Dr. Hibbert bet it all on black (casino lights up).
  • Burns flaunt hydration is one of my favs. For those not familiar he does Jennifer Beals famous flash dance scene.

    Burns' 'Host erotic masquerade' is pretty funny too

  • Outlaw Snake playing with Jeremy. I was so upset when the task was changed from 4 hours to 3! so it has to be manually set and often. While I’m ranting, let’s finally get a 4-hour movie for the Drive-In Theater. 24-hour movie marathon anyone?
  • I send Number 51 to sing alone at the Stonecutter table, I enjoy the Blue-Haired lawyer dino ride, and I like to have Furious D admire the twonicorn just so I can find & end his task separately to watch him point his hoof like a badass.
  • Only 10 minutes but so funny: Barts "Run away with Kang" animation.
  • Maude “Get revenge on Homer”
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