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Can’t move locations. Slow animation

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This update is really frustrating. The screen doesn’t respond to my finger moving locations. The animation is very slow. The property income dollars just hover forever. I have a new iPad so that’s not the problem. Is anyone else having trouble with this new update?


  • Are you group moving too many buildings together?
    Do not add me as a friend in the game anymore as I rarely visit my friends' towns. Not adding anymore too
  • Not having any problems on my old iPad. Try things like clearing your cache, making sure you don't have much running in the background, etc. It just sounds like your tablet is being slow. A hard shut-down of the tablet will help clearing background processes. If all else fails, try uninstall/re-install to clear the memory.
  • Not having any problems I didn't already have.... update did not solve any bugs but didn't create any new ones either.
  • I experience this on my iPhone XR. I have to conpletely shutdown and restart to fix.
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  • KLmaker
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    Sounds like the age old lag, again.
    Collect taxes and it just hovers and slowly goes into the bank, even though don't have much going on.
  • If hard-closing the game doesn’t work (usually that’s all it takes on my iPad), try powering off the iPad and restart. I read somewhere that our devices should be powered off at least once a week but I tend to lose track of the time unless there’s a problem :)
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