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This Event Is For The Birds

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Don't know if someone already started a topic about how lame this event is, if so, please merge Mods.

First, I love the music, and I enjoy how it is continuous.

Now on to this event. It is the 2nd big event of 2019 since the Love event launched 1/23/19. In between that time, EA gave us 2 small events and 2 nothing events, I say "nothing event" because Marge the Bat and Class Reunion really didn't give us anything new if at all. Needless to say, 2019 has been the worst year in Tapped Out history and I use the negative voices on this more desolate forum as proof to the disappointment of us Tappers.
So EA finally gives us after nearly 5 months an App Store update on 6/12/19, a big event, something new and exciting. Only it isn't. Nothing about this event is exciting. There are still plenty of characters to give this game some life but instead, EA gives us obscurity. There are recommendations on this forum that EA can learn from, that EA can use to make us care again. But instead, EA give us "Stick Up Walrus" and "Mr. Dirt". Why?
People on this forum have been expressing their concerns that this game is on its last legs and to me, this update does nothing to curb that concern.
Maybe I am the minority here, maybe most people love this event. Who knows, this forum has been so empty lately, there aren't many voices to be heard anymore.


  • Can't always get what we what.
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  • 0Brooders0
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    What's birds gotta do with it? :/

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  • the worst year in Tapped Out history

    lol, maybe in terms of Events.

    But did you really prefer the years where you had to manually send each character one by one on tasks? Or when you had to manually collect income from all building instead of just doing one tap? Or when there was no Maggie in the game? Or when there wasn't enough land? Or when you couldn't move items as a group? Or when there were multiple glitches (the bad ones, not the ones you could take advantage of)?
  • I understand why people are venting, but to me; it's just sour grapes.

    You can't always get what you want. Whining, honestly, achieves nothing.
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  • You know, there's a tried and true method to get changes to occur if you don't like what's going on - Take your time and money elsewhere. Nothing generates business changes faster than when the customer leaves.

    It's not as satisfying as complaining, but it's infinitely more effective.

    In the words of the Human Torch - Flame on!
  • bluntcard
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    I have played this game since 2013 and this is the first time I haven't downloaded a new event. I've looked at the content and it's just weird. There are a few items I wouldn't say no to but they'll probably be offered again later. As you've stated OP, with such a huge amount of content to choose from, why not offer classic, great Simpsons content? Pool Mobile for example. If the game is coming to a close, it's only because of the odd offerings the game has made in recent years.

    BTW whining does pay off sometimes. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
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  • Just wish they would bring back the quests in three parts that lasted a month and gave you lots of good stuff instead of single act things that just last 4 days to complete. No real fun involved. Bring back tasks to make us visit friends or where you have to tap on things going round your land.
  • 4 hours, tap, repeat. Not very exciting
  • bluntcard wrote: »
    As you've stated OP, with such a huge amount of content to choose from, why not offer classic, great Simpsons content? Pool Mobile for example.

    This, for me, is the main problem this time around. It's full of references I don't get about games I don't play. Like with Clash of the Clones. The content itself is fine and can fit into my town but I am not excited about playing it. Just want the items.

    Hopefully the hinted-at Clown College will turn up soon.
  • simpsonare
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    My opinion only... I think the event is good. They trimmed the fat on the event. Has a great event feel. Music has been added which changes the tempo. A somewhat relatable topic about a gaming convention. Some decent new content and story jabs. I'll personally like having the grand theft walrus in my town. I'm just REALLY hoping we get some items that can trigger the want to makeover the town. I'm still stuck trying to find the time to clean up and finish redesigning my town.
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  • 4 hours, tap, repeat. Not very exciting

    That's life for you.
    Often hiding, annoying and throwing pancakes at tapped-out.co.uk
  • Every item or character that doesn't show up now provides an opportunity for content down the track.

    Not an inspired event imo, but I have new content and something to do so I'm happy.
  • Without moaning, whining, biching or flaming, I have to agree with the OP.

    This 'event' is simply sending the same characters to do the same job every four hours, collect whatever they're supposed to be collecting, and then get awarded a blocko dragon or some stuff I've never heard of.

    Hardly Earth shattering is it.

    When we think back to some of the amazing events we've had with really varied and interesting tasks and things to do, these new events just totally feel like EA are simply going through the motions with the same mechanics time after time.

    And they haven't increased the max item limit either, so I've got to store something every time I get one of the prizes.
  • RIP Tapped Out
  • jaythecanadian
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    ^Its not ending dude. EA was just going through a rough year apparently.

    Do not add me as a friend in the game anymore as I rarely visit my friends' towns. Not adding anymore too
  • Jedihntr
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    I agree that the gameplay for this event is boring. There really is nothing of substance to the 4-hour login and collect method. If EA didn't want to create something new, I'd prefer one of the older event styles, like crafting items along the way or (god forbid) visiting neighbors to collect event currency.
  • Maybe I am one of the few who love the event for many reasons:
    1) I have a busy schedule now so I cannot log in every 4 hours.
    2) The game is still alive (a couple of months ago we thought the Yearbook box was the end of the game).
    3) New buildings, decorations are a good oportunity to design. I had some leftovers from the Harry Potter event we had a couple of years ago to make bigger my new area of blocko angelica button, the blocko dragon and this new building we go today with this Nelson skin.
  • Razor049
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    I feel that the main thing wrong with this event is that there is no crafting. No multiple trees, fences and other decorations to design with.
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  • cjryder625
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    Well I used up around 500 of my farmed donuts to complete this weeks tasks in 30 minutes. Going on holiday at the weekend so can’t be bothered with this event. Will do the same with next week as well. Prizes really not worth the 500 donuts though.
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  • 0Brooders0 wrote: »
    What's birds gotta do with it? :/


    Stale bread (or bad bread) it's only good for the birds but even they don't want it a lot of the time.
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