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Snowball ii not showing up in my inventory

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Hey I’ve recently unlocked snowball ii in tsto and I can’t find where she is and it’s saying that I haven’t unlocked her. It said that she’ll be in my inventory but she’s not there. Any ideas on what to do???
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  • Are you checking the main inventory, or a sub catagory? Its always best to check the main inventory if you cant find something. Also, is it possible that Snowball is roaming your town?
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  • Look in the character section of your inventory or in the main area of the inventory....if she is not there then she is roaming around in your town.

    Snowball II is a small cat and can be tricky to see her (could be hiding behind a decoration or building). Just gotta look harder. Use the magnify in edit mode, would help.

    Pokey the hamster on the other hand is a stubborn one though, so small its like its not there but it is lol

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    Images are not working on the Answers site, so I have posted them in this thread with a similar problem.
    Image from stored character items:
    Image from character collection:

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  • Are you sure he's definitely not walking about town???
    I don't notice mine anymore.
    I wanted to do it yesterday but I will invariably do it tomorrow (ish).
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