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Need some help here!

Hey Guys, I need some help :neutral: Recently I've been playing this game and later I realized I was not logged in... So when I try to log in, I missclick and by mistake I created a new game on my account, and my lvl 8 game was just on the phone, is there any way to sync both of them? Because everytime I open the game, my lvl 8 game is shown, but when I log in, the new game appear :( any help please?


  • Muhsterino
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    Each device can have one anonymous town (that is not logged in) and as many towns with an account which you sign up for (and that you log in with) as you want. Each account must use a different email address.
    I’m not sure I fully understand your post, are you saying you have one anonymous town and one town with an account? Every town (whether you have an account or not) is unique and two towns cannot be combined together. Every town has a unique code called a Mayhem ID.

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