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What's for dinner?


  • 168sean168
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    Sweet and sour pork with rice. This is from a stirred fried stall. Very nicely done with a crispy texture
  • 168sean168
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    A Chinese claypot herbal chicken with rice.
  • 168sean168
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    A piece of Bak Kwa over some fried rice. Bak Kwa means dried meat. It is prepared by BBQ over charcoal. The most popular is the pork version. This is a very premium eat and is most popular during Chinese New Year period. But it is also available throughout the year and even at the airport. It is priced by per 500g. It is similar to jerky but it is soft and sweet too
  • 168sean168
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    This is Chicken cutlet curry hor fun.
  • QIs46K0.jpg

    Frog legs porridge. The most common sauce used is Gong Bao (sweet and Sour) with large amounts of dried chilli. The porridge is thick like a gravy and lightly seasoned. It goes well with the gong Bao sauce. A delicious combination.
  • NpiGhpf.jpg

    Bibimbap - a Korean dish with various types of vegetables and rice below. Mine also has some chicken slices. I will stir the whole thing before eating. The gravy is both sour and a little spicy. Feels like a healthy eat.
  • jDk4igH.jpg

    A snack from a popular chain, Mr Bean. Mainly famous for their soya bean milk. They also sell a variety of pancakes. Most common fillings are red bean and peanuts.
  • 49dyUjU.jpg

    A meal of roti pratas. The prata near to me is called kosong prata meaning empty prata. The one further away is called egg prata. The kosong prata will be crispier than the egg. I took two curry sauces. The one on the right which looks more red is fish curry. The one on the left is chicken curry. Between the two I prefer the fish curry, more savoury. At the back is milk tea called teh tarik. It is a pulled tea. By using pulling it creates foams.
  • dLb0Rzf.jpg

    Buttermilk Crispy Chicken, one of my favourite McDonalds burger. It has two slices of pineapple. Fries is a limited time shaker fries where you add seaweed seasoning and shake in a paper bag provided. I told western tourists next to me how to eat the fries but they looked as if I am a crazy man and proceeded to continue dipping their fries into ketchup
  • BFfOEqp.jpg

    Got myself a big plate of food to celebrate 54th National Day of Singapore. As I am a super slow eater, there is no chance for me to get a second helping of food at the buffet table. And it turned out true. I watched the parade live on large projector screens.
  • YGeL9d0.jpg

    Seafood stirred fried Bee Hoon wet. If it is flat noodles, then it will be called Hor Fun
  • PBhT0Zz.jpg

    Nasi Paprika. Chicken slices with a bit of vegetables stirred fried with paprika seasoning. Nasi means rice
  • ZbGeaHo.jpg

    A pork porridge. Adding an egg is optional. If desired, they will crack a raw egg in it and just let the heat of porridge cooks the egg partially.
  • oezKgbN.jpg

    One of the best natural food on planet Earth. I ate this two packets of durian as a meal.
  • Prbixmu.jpg

    BBQ chicken wings. Usually sold in a set of minimum 2. To go with a sweet sour chilli and some lime juice
  • kpAmgwT.jpg

    Kway Chap which means rice noodle juice. It is just rice sheets noodles in a herbal, soy sauce soup. And it will be eaten with a set of ingredients in a broth including braised pig organs, Tau Kwa (Firm Tofu), Tau Pok (Fried Beancurd), fish cakes, braised eggs. Pig organs include stomach, large and small intestine, skin, pork belly. Some stalls may even have ears and nose. Can order as a set where the stall decides what to give you in a set price or you can specify and price would vary. The rice sheet noodles serving is small and usually I need two bowls to be sufficient.
  • 4LkyUgr.jpg

    Min Jiang Kueh. A kind of soft pancake with crispy edges with fillings of grounded peanut and sugar. Other kinds of fillings include red bean paste, cheese, coconut. But peanut with sugar is the most popular choice. A very traditional snack
  • AU2G52h.jpg

    Mangosteen. Not sure if it is easily available elsewhere. In Asia this fruit is known as the Queen of Fruits. The King of Fruits is Durian. This is a cooling food as opposed to Durian, a Heaty food. The meat has intense sweetness and juice. The seeds are small and soft and most are generally ingested if it is a small mangosteen. The skin contains a deep purple pigmentation and it will stain your clothings badly and hard to get rid off. So when eating this fruit, I will raise my hands like a surgeon after eating to go to a washpoint. Some health companies took the skin and extracted the purple pigments, supposedly a good antioxidant. This food is sold by the kg and once you start to eat, you cannot stop. Just like durian.
  • dHY2UKi.jpg

    Nasi Lemak. A very iconic common food. It means rich or creamy rice. It is commonly sold by Malay stalls. The main feature of this dish is the fragrant rice and the sambal chilli. The rice is cooked in coconut cream and pandan. The most basic version is just rice, cucumber, ikan bilis (anchovies) , peanuts and sambal chili. Optional adds on includes fried chicken wing, fried egg, fried fish, otah (chili bbq fish paste), etc. In this variation,long grain rice is used (basmati). For me the ikan bilis and peanuts is a must have. Some stalls sell a cheap version without it and it no longer feels like Nasi Lemak.
  • RoE9ahJ.jpg

    Laksa. A very iconic dish here. It is a peranakan influenced soup noodle with with thick curry, coconut milk based gravy. Level of spiciness can be adjusted by the optional chilli. Common ingredients inside includes cockles, fish cakes, toufu puffs.

    This dish is different from chicken curry noodle and also different from Assam laksa.
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