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Game suggestion for “building added” jobs

Hey EA,

Just a suggestion... the buildings that add jobs to the game, like “The Boiled Potato” (drink and babysit) or the “$ Casino” (try to win at blackjack), it would be nice if you could turn the building off. Like, create a switch that tells the building not to offer its job. Too often these buildings take away the animated job that characters have which I think people would rather see. I mean, that’s why we’re all here right? To see the funny animations you all worked hard on.

I think this would be better than just storing buildings to take away the added job. “The Boiled Potato” takes over 43 of my character’s 4 hour jobs alone! :s

Chime in if you agree.



  • I would like if you could choose the default job for characters for when you're using the unemployment office. So instead of turning off the building, you could have selected what the 4-hr would be and could have chosen an animated job, etc.?
    I also would like if you tap a building, it gives you the option to "go to" the associated character (if it came with one).
  • frosted1414
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  • I get what you mean when buildings with tasks for lots of characters can take away their animations only if you always use the Unemployment Office. I would've preferred them to be a different time to the usual 1,4,8,12 and 24 hour times.

    Another option would be having the buildings themselves show a list of all characters that can go to the specified buildings rather than the tasks being in the characters' job lists. An example would be tapping on buildings like the Springfield Gymdandee or Le Petit Appetite then underneath the income and building task would be another row that says something like "Character Jobs" and a button which when tapped will bring a list of all the Youngsters who can go there (the same way as Rail Yard tasks at the dump, metal, plastic and glass depots).

    An added bonus would be including these types of jobs as a possible daily challenges such as "Make 10 Adults Drink and Babysit at The Boiled Potato" or "Make 25 Adults Try to Win at Blackjack at $ Casino".
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