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Random sound since update

Apologies if this is a repeat, I couldn't find it anywhere.

Since the babies event started a couple of weeks ago, my game loads with random sounds of birds chirping and water running. Usually it goes away as soon as I swipe around town, but it'll come back a couple of times here and there as I play.

It's extremely annoying since I silenced all sounds on this game in like 2014, and it hasn't been a problem since. I checked my settings, and everything is still muted but the sound keeps coming through. It's really annoying. Anyone know if the devs are aware?


  • Exactly the same thing I was looking for, been happening a while now, it's very annoying and loud too.
  • From the thread What Changed with the Simpsons Babies Update? (8/19)
    August 6th Update (4.39.0; Simpsons Babies)
    • During the Splash Screen, some devices now play ambient sounds from items around town.

    Sounds to me like they turned a bug into a feature :D
  • It's so annoying.
  • They've just done a new update on the game, thought it would have fixed this but still doing it.

    I'm thinking of uninstalling this game to be honest, too many bugs and lack of updates, they seem very half **** with it.

    Be shame cause I've had it a few years and really built it up but it's just getting annoying now with all this.
  • I've reported the bug but I think some of us need to do also otherwise they're just going to leave it and it's really annoying.

    It's been doing it ages now and they've had a couple of updates since and still not fixed it, you can report the bug here as I don't think they read the forums.

  • I added my case to the list (#51434683). While it does take a while, all three of my previous cases were eventually fixed.
  • RobbieGlover2K
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    edited October 2019
    Still doing it for me it's annoying, I don't know why they just don't fix it for everyone.
  • Any chance of an update or fix on this, it's been doing it for ages now and nothing fixed.

    Thanks as it's really annoying :)
  • How come this is still not fixed, it's been at least 4 months now it's been doing this, it comes on really loud too.

    Anybody got any idea in regards to a fix please as even when you have the sound off it does this

    Thanks :smile:
  • Bump. I've reported this loads of times and nothing, also does it when moving to where you collect chairs, coffee etc.. as a task when the screen takes you there.

    Sounds like water running or something like that but it's really loud and annoying. You can't turn it off that quick either when it's going through dialogue and you have to keep tapping to clear it.

    Even though all the sounds in the game are on mute it still does it, it's very annoying.

    Surely EA are aware if this because I doubt I'm the only person who's sent the bug issue in and it's constantly on going.

    If anyone has an update please do as I'm close to getting rid of the game to be honest due to this.

    Thanks 😊
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