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Need help from a vet!!

Okay I need some help, I'm at a cross roads. I'm currently lvl 34 and I have a nice size town. I'm rolling with about 21 brown houses at the moment plus my quest and friends for my income. I'm at a 26% Multiplier. Now my problem is I have a crap ton of quest, I just unlocked springed heights and the port and the monorail. I don't know what exactly to focus though at this current point. Can someone lend me some advice on what I should focusing on. I know my game level isn't caught to my actual level because I just started on the police station building. Looked it up and that's a level 17 quest so please help!!!


  • Forgot to mention I'm pretty active which is why I didnt opt for the higher income houses and I dont make enough to have multiples easy. But I'm thinking of adding 21 purples
  • lvl 134, 6+ years

    First focus should always be the event quests, obviously. Outside of that, whatever quest/unlock that doesn't come with a time limit can be done at your own leisure and there's no one set blueprint that everyone needs to follow for their own town. It's all up to you and what interests you the most!

    And don't worry about having a ton of quests in your taskbook, it's a better problem than having little or none. Good luck!
  • Any specific reason to focus on events over everything else?
  • not gonna lie, at first I thought this post was gonna be about your dog or cat........
  • Ragemk1 wrote: »
    Any specific reason to focus on events over everything else?

    Because they're timed and the game usually doesn't give you a lot room to slack on progressing through the questline. This is all if you want to finish and get all the rewards though, even this is optional as well if you don't really care about the event or rewards.
  • I agree with @Mount_Grey - focus on timed events, and do the rest at your leisure. It’s been awhile since I’ve been at that level, but I remember having a task undone for a couple months while I was busy with timed tasks. I eventually got around to it.

    But remember that it’s a game, so have fun!
  • Veteran or veterinarian? Hmm
  • Leveled 939 and playing from day 1. Ive never house farm from start to finish. Now I also think for any new tapper, it’s harder to build a town now then when someone starting playing since the beginning. From the start, I was not a freeium player. Think I’ve bought boatload three times so it made it easier to level up. Now with over 2700 in conformity, it’s just easy donuts for me. Probably get 100 free donuts a day.

    Some of us have been blessed that EA released tennis courts for free which added huge conformity which you can level up faster and have

    Focus on the task and quest first. Land will become a premium and you will need those $ for new buildings / characters. I like my town to look great others just clutter it with no thought whatsoever.

  • Big82S
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    Heres a lil comedy but still Id suggest save up all Ur pink Precious Delights and Try n make as many high multipliers & try n get premium characters with ur free earned premium tasty O's. ones you like. always set Timers during events so U can Not miss the Free prizes. And have A great tapping time.
  • Play at you leisurely pace, focus on events when they take place, the event characters, buildings, and decorations are only available for a limited time.

    Remember, you do NOT need to buy donuts. If you play long enough, you will eventually have more donuts than you will ever need.
  • A bit of advice: Do NOT use free land tokens to buy any plot of land that can be purchased with in game cash! There will come a point where plots are available only with tokens. This is, unless you have the Golden Goose Realty building, which generates tokens, albeit slowly.
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