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What's for dinner?


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    Lontong. A dish sold by Malay Muslims. Consists of compressed rice cakes, cabbages,carrots, long beans, fried tofu, shredded coconut etc in a coconut based gravy. Sambal chilli can be mixed in for varying degree of spiciness.
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    A Gingko nut Beancurd dessert, served hot
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    Png Kueh which means rice cakes. It contains glutinous rice with other ingredients like shrimp, mushroom and peanuts. it can be eaten steamed or pan fried. The latter is more popular. It is a very traditional snack from the Teochews, a Chinese dialect group. The shape of the Kueh is in the form of a peach. The peach is regarded in Chinese lore as a symbol of longevity. The Monkey God for example, obtained immorality when he ate sacred peaches from the Jade Emperor's garden.
    The teochews frequently use this snack as an offerings in the religious festivals.

    The snack will usually be eaten with a drizzle of sweet dark sky sauce and some chilli.
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    Roasted pork belly Claypot rice. It is said that the best part of eating Claypot rice is the crispy burnt wok smell rice sticking at the bottom of the pot. But I don't eat that layer that much since experts said burnt things are not good for health. This food court has a nice view of Marina Bay Sands Hotel in the background
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    Red Ruby dessert. The red parts are tapioca covered water chestnuts. Coconut milk and syrup in shaved ice.
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    At a birthday celebration. Notice that Chinese restaurant serves Bao in the shape of peaches during birthdays as a symbol of longevity
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    Fried chicken and egg with salted egg sauce Japanese style
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    Hainanese Beef noodle gravy style. It has some peanuts and also salted vegetables for taste
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    A grilled salmon with rice and coleslaw at Long John Silver
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    Thai skewered pork. This shot reminded me of Simpsons tapped out game screen
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    I was at a Nine Emperor Gods Festival last night and ate an assortment of vegetarian foods. The devotees will consume vegetarian food for nine days during this period.
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    I went to the Nine Emperor Gods Festival again and ate vegetarian food


    Chinese Opera group from Putien China put up daily shows at the festival
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    Kim Chi soup with added chicken meat and rice
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    A mango milk dessert. Condensed milk is used
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    Ate Kway Chap again but at another stall. Mix pig parts including intestines and skin. This stall also provides duck meat. The flat white rice noodles of this stall is smooth and soft.
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    Cheng Tng which means clear soup. This is a dessert with healthy ingredients like Gingko nut, lotus seeds, red dates, white fungus, sweet potato etc. It is supposed to be cooling, hence clear soup.

    It can be eaten hot or cold. If cold they will add shaved ice into it.
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    Chwee Kueh again. This one is from another famous stall Jian Bo At Tiong Bahru Food centre. They gave a lot of the radishes
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    A grilled fish and fries from what we called a western food stall.
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    Eating a prawn noodle dry. The side prawn soup is actually the main feature when eating prawn noodle due to its intense flavour.
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    A Korean Saba fish set
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