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The end of the game?

"Congratulations! You have built the maximum of buildings and decorations ..."

During the last weeks the previous message appears. I can't build anything at all so I can only earn money and donuts, and save the new buildings in the warehouse.
Do you know if it has any solution?
During the last years I have invested a lot of time in building a very beautiful city and I am very sad to have to leave the game.
Thank you!


  • There is a limit on the number of items you can place in your town, currently it is 13000. You will have to store some items if you want to place others, to keep the number below 13000.
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  • Thank you very much for your answer.
    With the information you have provided I see that from time to time they increase the number of items that can be placed. I may wait for another next increase.
  • Or just go through your town and see if there are things you can store, like multiplier items you don't currently need that you've hidden behind buildings.
  • Maybe you could Nuke your town, and rebuild, streamlining the number of objects and selling what you don't need?
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