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Cthulhu's Revenge: Walkthrough


Auto starts

Homer: Did I win the oyster eating contest yet??
Moe: There weren’t no contest, Homer. You just started stuffin’ your face as soon as we pulled up that weird giant sea nest.
Moe: Also, last I checked, oysters aren’t egg-shaped.
Lenny: How often do you check?
Moe: Every month or so.
Homer: I don’t feel so good... Better keep eating. One twenty-four...one twenty-five...

Task: Make Homer Eat More "Oysters"
Time: 6s
Location: Simpson House
Task: Make Moe Cheer Homer On
Time: 6s
Location: Simpson House

Moe: Ah, I love a good fishin’ trip. The gentle waves, the sun on your face, the sudden mysterious bone-chilling cold and fog...
Carl: Is the tide supposed to come in this early... and be shaped like a gigantic sea creature?
Moe: I can’t believe it. The tide tables are inaccurate!
Cthulhu: Silence! I am The High Priest of the Old Ones. The Sleeper of R’lyeh. The Great Dreamer.
Moe: I am Moe, the Yellowest of Bellies. The Great Groveler. The Cauliflower-Eared Coward.
Cthulhu: I felt my spawn leave this plane of existence. Who dares to cross the mighty Cthulhu?!
Moe: Did I mention I’m the Stooliest of Stoolies? Doesn’t quite have the same ring, but... it was Homer Simpson!

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Cthulhu's Revenge Pt. 1

Auto starts

Cthulhu: Where is the man they call Homer Simpson, the fool who dared to disturb my eggs?
Marge: I knew those oysters Homie ate looked weird.
Cthulhu: He ATE my spawn?! I assumed he was just using them for a satanic death spell or something!
Cthulhu: What kind of monster is he?!
Marge: You left your offspring unattended -- what kind of monster are YOU?!
Cthulhu: A half-octopus, half-crab, half-demon monster...
Marge: Well you’re also an absentee parent!
Cthulhu: *shocked gasp*

Task: Collect Tentacles [x150]
Task: Make Marge Scold Cthulhu
Time: 4h
Location: Simpson House
Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Cthulhu's Revenge Pt. 2

Auto starts

Cthulhu: You’re right, Marge, I’m a bad parent!
Marge: Cheer up, Cthulhu. You can’t be THAT bad.
Cthulhu: I once traded my eldest spawn M'nthster for a pair of designer sunglasses.
Bart: Man, that’s cold! They must of been some really sweet shades...
Cthulhu: They were too small for my head - they looked like tiny Ben Franklin glasses on me.
Lisa: That look’s sorta in now.
Cthulhu: I know, but I didn’t have the confidence to pull it off.
Marge: Sunglasses, eh? I think I know how we can make things right between you and your spawn, M'nthster!

Task: Collect Tentacles [x150]
Task: Make Marge Take Cthulhu Sunglasses Shopping
Time: 8h
Location: Java Server or Brown House

Cthulhu: These all look stupid! I’m just not a sunglasses deity.
Marge: I guess I thought if we got you the coolest sunglasses in the world, M'nthster would understand why you traded him for them...

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Cthulhu's Revenge Pt. 3

Auto starts

Marge: Wow, I really thought that sunglasses thing was going to work.
Cthulhu: “Cool sunglasses” was your whole plan to mend my relationship with M'nthster?
Lisa: Seriously, Mom, that’s pretty weak.
Marge: Look, I’ve mended a lot of relationships over the years, they can’t all be home runs!
Cthulhu: I guess I’m beyond helping. I’m going to the only place a bad parent can feel happy.
Homer: Moe’s?
Cthulhu: No... the graveyard.

Task: Collect Tentacles [x150]
Task: Make Marge Be Creeped Out
Time: 8h
Location: Fogbury Cemetery
Task: Make Bart Defile Graves
Time: 8h
Location: Fogbury Cemetery

Marge: You come here to feel better?
Cthulhu: Oh yeah, all the “dead”-beat ghouls come here to commiserate about being bad parents.
Count Dracula: I once left little Dracula Jr. in the hearse while I was drinking at the Blood Bank...
Count Dracula: But I cracked the coffin a little -- he turned out fine!
Cthulhu: Maybe this isn’t the best place to be if I’m trying to make things right with M'nthster...

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Cthulhu's Revenge Pt. 4

Auto starts

Marge: No peeking, we're almost there.
Cthulhu: Okay, but hurry up, the anticipation is killing me. Well, it would be if I was mortal...
M'nthster: What are you doing here?!
Cthulhu: M'nthster, my child! It’s me, your lord and parent!
M'nthster: Yeah, I can see who you are, even without fancy sunglasses.
Cthulhu: Come on, don’t be like that! I’m trying to make amends!
M'nthster: Why didn’t you make amends before my bat mitzvah, where I ate a bat?
M'nthster: Or my school play, “Death of a Salesman”, where I ate a salesman?
Cthulhu: I... I...
Marge: This is more complicated than I thought...

Task: Collect Tentacles [x200]
Task: Make Marge Be an Unqualified Family Therapist
Time: 8h
Location: Squidport Entrance

Marge: Alright, why don't you start by telling us why you’re mad.
M'nthster: Why am I mad?! My parent abandoned me as a baby! Who is this silly human?!
Cthulhu: Yes, she is quite dense, even for a human!
Cthulhu: And if you think she’s foolish, you should meet her husband!
Cthulhu: I watched him struggle with the maze on the back of a cereal box for over an hour!
M'nthster: *laughter*
Marge: *annoyed murmur*

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Cthulhu's Revenge Pt. 5

Auto starts

Cthulhu: ...and their children have pointy heads, and are puny compared to how tall children that age should be!
M'nthster: *laughter* I’ve missed the way you make fun of humans!
M'nthster: I'm glad we were able to patch things up instead of fighting and destroying all of reality like last time.
Marge: Wait, what?
Cthulhu: You've single-handedly saved all life on Earth because your family is so ridiculous, Marge.
Marge: My family is not a joke! Shame on you!
Cthulhu: We’re sorry. Perhaps you’re right. Maybe we should destroy Earth after all...
Marge: ...did you hear about the time Homer split his pants picking up a penny???

Task: Collect Tentacles [x400]
Task: Make Marge Celebrate Saving the World
Time: 24h
Location: Cthulhu Monument

On job start:
Cthulhu: Let’s never fight again, M'nthster.
M'nthster: Unless we get mildly bored, then we’ll wipe out existence and start over.
Cthulhu: Ooh, what if we burned the souls of the good and rewarded the evil?!
M'nthster: That might be fun!

On job end:
Marge: You two should come for Christmas. It's a great time for family and being with those you love.
Cthulhu: Oh, we wouldn’t want to impose.
Marge: Not at all! The more the merrier.
Marge: You can join in on our family traditions of Homer strangling Bart and me sending Lisa to her room for being blasphemous!
Cthulhu: Ah, there’s nothing better than family!

Quest reward: $200 and 20 XP
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    Over Spilled Yolk Pt. 1

    Cthulhu starts

    Cthulhu: Homer Simpson, prepare to be eaten!!!
    Homer: “Prepare to be eaten out of house and home"? Because you’re coming over for dinner?
    Cthulhu: Wha-- okay, yes, that is what I was going to say. How did you know I was trying to mislead you?
    Homer: Because if a monster like you wants to kill me, you’re gonna do it slowly with a lot of tricks and innuendo before actually doing it.
    Cthulhu: No! I could kill you right now if I wanted to.
    Homer: Okay, then do it.
    Cthulhu: I... I don’t want to miss out on Marge’s pork chops...

    Task: Make Cthulhu Have Dinner With the Simpsons
    Time: 4h
    Location: Simpson House
    Task: Make the Simpsons Have Dinner [x4]
    Time: 4h
    Location: Simpson House

    Cthulhu: Marge, that was a wonderful meal!
    Marge: Why thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it!
    Cthulhu: Yes, it was... to die for.
    Marge: *laughs*
    Cthulhu: What’s so funny?
    Homer: See Marge? He says stuff like that all the time and thinks he’s being clever!
    Cthulhu: I’m being subtly sinister!

    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    Over Spilled Yolk Pt. 2

    Homer starts

    Homer: Ooh, someone left donuts on my desk.
    Cthulhu: I left them there. They are cursed, and once you eat them, you will turn into a fish monster.
    Homer: Oh Cthulhu, so full of innuendo!
    Cthulhu: It’s literally going to happen to you!
    Homer: Uh-huh, sure!

    Task: Make Homer Eat "Donuts"
    Time: 1h
    Location: Control Building
    Task: Make Cthulhu Feed Homer "Donuts"
    Time: 1h
    Location: Control Building

    Homer: I don't feel so good.
    Homer: *yelps* What happened to me?
    Cthulhu: I don't know. Must have been something you ate!
    Cthulhu: Yes! Who’s laughing now?!

    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    Over Spilled Yolk Pt. 3

    Cthulhu starts

    Cthulhu: *laughing* Then I told him, "It must have been something you ate”!
    Count Dracula: *laughing* That's gold! What did you tell him before you fed him the cursed donuts?
    Cthulhu: I told him that it was literally going to turn him into a fish monster! A-ha-ha!
    Count Dracula: What gives? That’s not a double entendre!
    Cthulhu: It was just much quicker that way! I was sick of him making fun of my wordplay.
    Marge: Here’s some wordplay for you: I hope you have your sunglasses, because the SON is about to come out!
    Cthulhu: Having only heard and not read that, I don’t get it...

    Task: Make Marge Sic M'nthster on Cthulhu
    Time: 8h
    Location: Fogbury Cemetery
    Task: Make Cthulhu Get Marge’s Pun
    Time: 8h
    Location: Fogbury Cemetery

    M'nthster: What are you doing? These people welcomed you into their home -- you can't treat them like play things.
    Cthulhu: I was just giving them a hard time, I wasn't going to leave the buffoon that way.
    Marge: His name is Homer.
    Cthulhu: Fine, “Homer". What’s next, I befriend him?!

    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    Over Spilled Yolk Pt. 4

    Homer starts

    Homer: All I have to do is drink this then I'm back to normal? It sounds too good to be true.
    Cthulhu: I told you, I’m not using tricks anymore.
    Marge: I used Cthulhu’s offspring to make him feel guilty.
    Homer: Heh-heh what a sucker.

    Task: Make Cthulhu Give Homer the Cure
    Time: 4h
    Location: Simpson House
    Task: Make Homer Drink the Cure
    Time: 4h
    Location: Simpson House

    Cthulhu: See, I'm a monster of my word. You're cured, mazel tov.
    Marge: Thank you for doing the right thing. And it only took a little manipulation from your child to get you to see right from wrong.

    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    Over Spilled Yolk Pt. 5

    Cthulhu starts

    Cthulhu: Now that I've saved the buffoon, we should spend this extra time together getting to know each other.
    M'nthster: I would like that.
    Cthulhu: I read in this parenting for dummy book that playing catch is a good way to bond.
    M'nthster: I don't have a ball for us to play with.
    Cthulhu: That's okay, I have this human heart I was going to eat for lunch. Let's use that.
    M'nthster: I’m glad we can finally have a *heart-to-heart*!
    Cthulhu: You truly are my child.

    Task: Make Cthulhu Play Catch
    Time: 12h
    If the user has M'nthster: Requires: M'nthster
    If the user doesn't have M'nthster: Location: Fogbury Cemetery
    Quest reward: $200 and 20 XP
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    No Rich in Eldritch Pt. 1

    M'nthster starts

    M'nthster: What do you mean evicted?
    Wise Guy: Maybe it’ll sound better in your native tongue: beat it, freak. You haven’t paid rent.
    M'nthster: You can't kick me out, do you know who my parent is?
    Wise Guy: Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard it all before. I once kicked one of Quimby’s illegitimate kids out and he tried to pull that.
    Wise Guy: Of course, he had to get a paternity test first...
    Wise Guy: And clean this place up before you go. It's a pigsty in here.

    Task: Make M'nthster Clean House
    Time: 24h
    Location: R'lyeh (Bermuda Triangle Lair)
    If the user has Wise Guy: Task: Make Raphael Judge M'nthster's Life Style
    Time: 4h
    Location: Squidport Entrance
    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    No Rich in Eldritch Pt. 2

    M'nthster starts

    M'nthster: Can I stay with you for a while until I get back on my tentacles?
    Count Dracula: Actually, now’s not really a good time. I’m getting calf implant surgery tomorrow...
    M'nthster: Jeez, if you’re gonna make up an excuse, you can at least make it believable...
    Count Dracula: Really?! You think it sounds unbelievable because my calves look okay as is?
    M'nthster: No, your calves are puny, I just don’t believe you can afford the surgery...
    Count Dracula: I can too! That’s it, you’re staying with us.
    M'nthster: Thanks, Uncle Drac!

    Task: Make M'nthster Crash With Uncle Drac
    Time: 1h
    Location: Dracula-la Land, Cursed Ship or Brown House
    If the user has Count Dracula: Task: Make Count Dracula Get Calf Implants
    Time: 12h
    Location: Dracula-la Land, Cursed Ship or Brown House

    Count Dracula: What’s the word, M'nthster?
    M'nthster: Now your calves look TOO big. You know that anxiety when you’re filling up a balloon way too much and it’s gonna pop any second?
    M'nthster: That’s what I feel looking at them.
    Count Dracula: I meant with getting your life back together!
    M'nthster: Oh. No, I’m still trying to find myself while watching TV on your couch. Can we get some premium channels in here??

    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    No Rich in Eldritch Pt. 3

    M'nthster starts

    M'nthster: I've done it, I know what I have to do now.
    Count Dracula: Aw, I’m so happy for you. Now, get out.
    Countess Dracula: *ominous glare*
    Count Dracula: Okay, okay. What’s your calling? Nightmare demon? Cosmic terrorist?
    M'nthster: Sleazy businessman!

    Task: Make M'nthster Start a Terrorizing Business
    Time: 1h
    Location: Java Server or Town Hall

    M'nthster: Welcome to M'nthster's Monsters. What can I do for you?
    Homer: I want to order your deluxe “Pants Wetter" value pack for my neighbor, stupid Flanders.
    M'nthster: I’ve got the perfect Scare Package for him: I’ll tell him that both his kids want to major in *journalism* when they go to college!
    Homer: Ah!

    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    No Rich in Eldritch Pt. 4

    M'nthster starts

    M'nthster: I'm hopeless.
    Countess Dracula: What's wrong, my little nightmare?
    M'nthster: My business went under and I almost got exorcised by that Flanders guy. If this keeps up, I'll have to live with you forever.
    Count Dracula: *horrified scream*
    Countess Dracula: You just need to stop trying to be like everyone else. You're a hideous otherworldly monster -- you should be proud.
    M'nthster: You're right, I am hideous!
    M'nthster: Thanks, Auntie. I'm ready to go out there and conquer the world!

    Task: Make M'nthster Conquer the World
    Time: 8h

    Wise Guy: It's the middle of the night. Get off my property.
    M'nthster: No, this place is mine now, and so is your soul!
    Wise Guy: You can't! I was saving my soul for if I ever have to battle the devil in a fiddle contest!
    M'nthster: Or you could just give the keys to my old place back.

    Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

    No Rich in Eldritch Pt. 5

    M'nthster starts

    M'nthster: Home sweet lair! What do you think of my bachelor pad?
    Count Dracula: What is that smell?
    M'nthster: Sorry, it’s Ralph Lauren.
    Countess Dracula: Oh, you got some new cologne?
    M'nthster: No, I kidnapped the designer and I’m slowly cooking him in a stew for dinner.
    Count Dracula: Wow, you’ve got great taste!

    Task: Make M'nthster Unpack Bachelor Pad
    Time: 4h
    Location: R'lyeh (Bermuda Triangle Lair)

    M'nthster: Ah, it’s so great to have my own place.
    Count Dracula: Uh, M'nthster, you think I could crash here for a while? The Countess caught me staring at another woman’s neck veins.
    M'nthster: Oh, I’d LOVE to, but, uh... I’m having tentacle enlargement surgery...
    M'nthster: Good luck though!

    Quest reward: $200 and 20 XP
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  • Any insight on when the full thoh begins?
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