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Treehouse of Horror XXX: Changes (Update: 11/12)

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November 12th Update (Patch 4)
  • The event end date was fixed on the event guide, screens and expire quest text.
November 5th Update (Patch 3)
  • Fairy Kodos' Flirt with Human Males job end bug was fixed, now Kodos correctly ends the flight once the job end.
November 1st Update (Patch 2)
  • Store purchases bug was fixed.
  • Due to the problems on donut purchases, iOs users (and some Android users) recieved the message "To thank you for the patience while we fixed this game, you've received 60 FREE DONUTS." and 60 Donuts. Some Android users have reported it too but the cause is unknown.
October 30th Update (Server Update)
  • A fix for store purchases was prepared for Patch2.
October 30th Update (Server Update)
  • The Ten Commandments w/God Gil Deal was extended to November 20th.
October 23rd Update (Treehouse of Horror XXX Patch 1)
  • iOs can now buy the bonus donuts package too.
  • Wailing Wall now costs 50 Donuts instead of $1,000.
October 22nd Update (4.40.0; Treehouse of Horror XXX)
  • The app icon and the splash screen were changed to new ones for the event.
  • The background music was supposed to change to the Treehouse of Horror's but it wasn't working.
  • Leaves now falls on the screen.
  • Autumn look has been set for trees.
  • Water was changed to the spooky green look.
  • Marge's job Sic M'nthster on Cthulhu and Cthulhu's jobs Get Marge's Pun and Play Catch (without M'nthster) can now be done at Brown House too.
  • Over Spilled Yolk Pt. 1 no longer requires Cthulhu's Revenge Pt. 5 to be completed, but Cthulhu to be unlocked.
  • Zia Simpson was added to the characters that can Moonjump.
  • Aliens character group now scrolls.
  • A possible lock on the availability of finishing the current quest for Simpsons Babies was fixed.
  • Count Burns' Castle's build time was changed from 4h to 6s.
  • Guts of War Statue's green moving indicator on rotating staying not rotated bug and the rotated image were fixed.
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