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Possible Solution to Connection Lost when Farming!



  • johncolombo
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    same, servers have been fine
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  • @Surfcitygal .. sorry you landed in a weird place in my town... I'd put my Simpson house near to where I place my RTT's so that every time I lost connection, it would take me back to my RTT farm so I could put a couple more down... (I was only doing two or three at a time so I didn't 'lose' many)

    Then I fear your device may have slowed as you found all my people shopping in my walking KEM...

    I think you're the first visitor since @daved7637397 accidentally stumbled in around Easter so wasn't expecting anyone.... :confused: ... sorry
  • Past few days i set a long long line. 20 plus at a time. Farm fast. One thing I stopped doing is going after three donuts. I just hit the same box every time. I stopped getting bart screens.
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  • I've been able to farm several hundred donuts consecutively without getting the Bart disconnection screen, so whatever issue was causing the disconnections seems to have been resolved.
  • Mine is working great today! If it stays this way for a few more days, should we put up a new thread with a big thank you in the title? I realise that some think we shouldn't praise them for fixing something that should have never been broken, and that at the very least EA should have fixed it immediately. But in my opinion, it would be kind. Just to let them know they've made us happy. :)
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  • It is very interesting that the connection has become stable to me as well, two days before I started this thread. :smirk:
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