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Why can't EA come up with a consistent policy on increasing the item limit?

They had been adding 100 per expansion, then added 700 way back in what, February? Since that time, there have been no increases in the limit even though a massive amount of land opened up. The real purpose of the game is supposed to be town building, not just dumping new buildings into a green field in a random pattern. I would really like to have some guidelines as to how and when the limit will get increased because I keep hitting it. I had been storing in group storage a big Christmas display each time a new expansion came out, but now even with that in storage I hit the limit. It's frustrating.


  • Castiel_Touk
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    edited November 2019
    Not all devices can handle the increased item limits.
    Here have a banana!!
  • The real purpose of the game is to generate revenue for EA.

    If thats not happening its likely why the game is receiving such low input from them.

    I asked at the beginning of this event, who has spent money recently. No one answered. They are obviously used to games reaching their end of life. Just because a few of us still obsess over the game daily, doesnt mean they do. Or that they even notice us.

  • Actually, their policy is extremely consistent. It is not to increase the limit.
  • 💩Since you brought up the PRIMARY PROBLEM, I'll rinse & repeat my gripe here as well...

    🎃DEAREST EA😘...
    It's so lame, not being able to place any additional items unless you friggin battle to downgrade your designs by store something or kill some bridges💣

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