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    First time eating chicken rice from this air con eatery at a bus interchange. Cheapest I ever have but only filled me 30 percent.
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    This spinach soup food only appeared in the past few years and was fairly popular. Probably you feel like you are eating something healthy because of the spinach.
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    Ginseng Chicken soup with rice. I actually don't really like ginseng chicken soup as there is a tinge of bitterness in it. But my soup of choice has sold out. Salted vegetable duck soup
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    A noodle of pig liver, kidney, meat noodle. The soup is tasty though I am not too fond of kidney and only eat it once in a blue moon. This stall is famous for this and black chicken tonic soup
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    Eating a Da Pau, meaning big bun in Chinese. Default fillings are pork and quartered egg. The biggest Pau you can get here is called Amy Yip Pau, named after a famous HK actress. In Malaysia, when you ordered da Pau in a restaurant, you got one as big as the Amy Yip Pau. It was a cultural shock to me once
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    Recently I ventured to this road known as Jalan Besar late at night and ate at this pig organ soup stall for the first time. This stall called itself the authentic Zheng Wen Zhi Pig Organ soup. Because in many stalls around Singapore, many like to use this famous brand to sell their soup.

    This might be the best pig organ soup I ever had. The liver is soft and the soup is tasty. Jalan Besar has many night clubs around there and I believe Spas with happy endings.
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