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Has Tapped Out lost its mojo?



  • I still like playing this game, but I do really miss the old events and level updates. The game feels a lot more streamlined now where they took everything fun out of events and all we do is sending people to 4h tasks. I liked visiting my neighbors and leave something in their towns. I remember people complaining a lot that the older events were to complicated (I admittedly think that some of them can start out overwhelming), so thats probably why they stripped them to what we have now.

    Its interesting to see how much the game has grown and continues to grow to this day though. Compare the characters we started with when the game released to the characters we have now, its pretty insane how much we’ve gone through. I do wish they released new features more often. Not a whole lot of other city building games gets updated as much as this game does. And I always found the donut pricing to be rather fair which is surprising for an EA game,
  • Back to 24 hour tasks! 🙄
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    No, he's alive and well
    Fear my pointy horn!
  • ^^ :D:D:D
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  • Roccaine wrote: »
    .....I liked visiting my neighbors and leave something in their towns....

    Eewww, you're one of those are you, well you're not coming round my 'ouse. :);):)
    I wanted to do it yesterday but I will invariably do it tomorrow (ish).
  • I do not know if Tapped Out lost its Mojo or if the players did. I used to fiend for level updates, I would tap at red lights, I would wake up at 3am to make sure I completed the events. It was life ruining fun.

    Now, for me at least, I still tap but my enthusiasm has drastically changed. But that's the way it is with all walks of life, people change, things change. Maybe it is the boring structure which EA has put into place for this game for the last 18 months or so or maybe it is just me.
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