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New update "stuck"

Won't give me the South Pole. Other characters working ok but not risking the main part in case I lose them. It can wait until the morning. (Can you tell that I can't remember what I am collecting?)


  • Have you done ALL the tasks for part 1? Scroll down to see all the tasks.
    If you have, try going to friends screen and back to your town to see if that will help.

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  • My game is not saving progress. Took 2 days for the current event to start. Now I’m never going to finish. Have tried syncing since I’m using 2 devices but progress did not return. Thanks.
  • 11EEvey
    3420 posts Member
    @blk85ssmc Since you play on two devices make sure to sync by going to the friend screen before exiting the game every time you play
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