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Where are the big REAL events EA?



  • @lilmamasa3 is right don’t be rude to one another be nice. Come on hug it out


    See it doesn’t hurt now does it :smiley::lol:
  • Peace to all

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    @tapaddict1027 in all honesty I was just casually browsing through the discussion, didn't even realize which posts were yours and whatnot. I debated whether or not to even respond but I love this community and don't want anyone to feel unwanted here. I didn't intend to offend you, was just my hyperbolic way of typing I guess... a poor attempt at making my little nonsense posts slightly more entertaining for others to read (I'm sure they aren't though). I didn't insult you or call you names or anything like that. If I crossed a line the moderators would sort me out.

    Since you feel I have misconstrued your point(s) I will directly quote you: "But its not a far reach to think that our lack of spending led to their lack of support."

    Agreed BUT the lack of spending is not due to farming in my opinion. My hypothesis, again as stated earlier, is that the game has exceeded its lifecycle...
    you agree do you not? We seem to agree on most things! The lifecycles ended because all freemium games have the same premise: a few whales subsidize the free players that will NEVER spend enough on their own to keep the game going. Over time the whales bought enough items to increase their XP% to astronomic levels, thus ending their need to buy more. The farmers were just free players that figured out a backdoor, even if they hadn't they never would have become whales. They never would have supported the game enough to motivate EA. I guess we disagree on this point. That's fine, this is a discussion board. I like discussions, disagreements, even polite arguments. If everyone just agreed with me over and over again I would get bored.

    Speaking of misconstruing; you seem to state that my argument includes "EA wants us to farm." Ridiculous. I stated over and over that farming is insignificant, EA doesn't care. You even appear to agree earlier in your statement...no idea why you then fabricated a false premise for me later in your response. Oh well, I will just have to get over it.
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  • My Two donuts:

    A brief period existed where they created a donut farming cap, however it was within a 24 hour window which could be exceeded causing a (I believe, please correct me if I'm wrong) a 48 hr window.

    Basically once you reached the cap.... You wouldn't get donuts for 24 hours.
    You went over by a couple donuts (basically one or two) then you had to wait 48 hours.

    That was corrected eventually.

    I'd rather not debate in this matter.

    I've spent a considerable amount of cash in this game.

    More than I want to admit.

    Definitely more than a couple hundred.

    However I don't need to anymore, I don't feel guilty about donut farming, but If EA simply made a console game with patches and microtransactions I'd definitely have more cash in my pocket.

    It is what it is, I won't argue, I don't mind what others do.
    If they brought a cap back, that might curb some players but it would cause some to play less.

    They could do many things, truly.

    However nothing they've done recently encourages me to praise them or support them with cash from my pocket.

    They'll have to earn that.

    They will have to EARN THAT.
  • I guess the offensive posts must have all been deleted.
  • I have, do and will always love My Simpsons game! :)
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