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Fixing the problem with friends towns.

E.a., when are you going to address the problem with friends towns. I don't like to graffiti in towns and in some of my friends towns that's all I can do. My town is the same, my friends can only graffiti mine as well. Please fix it. This has gone on way to long.


  • Agreed...how is a new player supposed to get the friendship prizes without being able to tap neighbors?
    Fear my pointy horn!
  • In the past we had many events that required us to visit neighbors to tap on things related to the event, and in some to actually give to our neighbors event items. It has been at least two years since we’ve had such an event.
  • frosted1414
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    edited February 8
    All my friend actions are working!!! I can now visit all friend's and lots to tap!
  • I still don't show any friends and my righteousness went from 5 to zero. Not sure if that's related.
  • Mine still isn't working. I'm ok with you having to graffiti my town, tamhat.
    It's nice to know that my friends are there.
  • Rhinomix76 wrote: »
    Agreed...how is a new player supposed to get the friendship prizes without being able to tap neighbors?
    True. It's an inconvenience for those of us who enjoy visiting friends, but more importantly, it adversely affects the newer players. Hopefully EA will have this sorted out soon. 🤷‍♂️
    All four Buildings (Moe's, Police Station, Springfield Elementary, & Town Hall) are currently next to the Simpsons' House in my SF, so feel free to tag. 🙂
    This is our last dance. This is ourselves under pressure.
  • Thanks everyone for your comments. I still enjoy going in your towns and looking around. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. A big Hi to dusty,twig,& richatd.
  • I have had a strange thing happen to me. I visit a neighbor that I had only graffiti to tap. Then I visit the next and the tappable buildings are ready to tap. I hit one or two and then get barted. @123tamhat I think I got two the last time.
  • I haven't been able to visit any neighbors for months now. Very frustrating.. as are the continual crashes.
    You got a great looking town~168sean... Checked out your town, WOW! ~daved
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