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Martin’s New Task?

I just completed Part 3 and earned his new animated task, but this task isn’t present on Martin’s list of jobs when he is tapped. No prompts to use this task for storyline (yet anyways). Has anyone else used this new task yet?


  • Yes it's there. It's called Present History Project and is 4h. It's not used in any storyline.
    What part of "unsolicited friend requests are all denied" do you NOT get?
  • Thank you!
  • Find it now. Thank you!
  • Thanks!
    Make Nightmare Pile like Zombie Sandwich. All kids trick or treat at once.
  • I have been looking too. Wait for him to finish this task then have a look...
  • I find it kinda odd that Martin doesn't have a sidequest associated with this outfit.

    I mean when, you usually unlock new outfits or skins for characters, you usually get a sidequest to go with said outfit or skin more often than not tbh.
  • He fell down before he ever made it to school for the questline.

    Alternately, Africa was too wide to fit through the door of the bus. No, scratch that. Martin is one of the advanced students who'd know to turn sideways. But is he coordinated enough to walk sideways up the stairs onto the bus? He'd fall and block the ramp. Let's go with this one:

    Otto would take this in stride and remain calm, but it would result in 65% of students along the bus route being unable to get a ride that day as Martin remained wedged in the entryway. Otto has been reprimanded by this point to never abandon the steering wheel again, so he wouldn't be available to help Martin get up (from 2 feet away). Nelson would want to punch Martin right in the Wakanda, but he's illiterate and can't see most of the nation names anyway from how Martin is pressed against the steel ramp, so he'd give up, perhaps with new appreciation for the Wakanda Forever! chant. Millhouse needs school more than most, so he'd try climbing up and over Martin, getting stuck too in the process. Each new person trying to help get the growing mass of children unstuck would also end up adding to the pile of stuck kids, with elbows in ears and armpits in faces, basically everything Weird Al warned us about in his Another One Rides the Bus parody of Queen.

    In the end Superintendent Chalmers would need to be called in. Luckily, the school district had invested in The Jaws of Learning, a larger bus-sized version of the jaws of life device used in car wrecks. It functions perfectly, removing the back half of the bus in seconds, but in the aftermath the staff realizes this did nothing to aid the trapped kids. We close this scene with their teacher simply moving the rest of the class out to what's left of the bus and teaching there for the day, with vastly reduced classroom discipline problems on account of the captive audience. Bart in this condition is finally able to focus and begins learning.
  • I often skim over or even skip some longer posts. But, I always read @ArmpitAttack posts! That's some funny stuff! Im still lolling as I type this. "punch Martin right in the Wakanda" :D Are you a writer? Great stuff anyhow.
  • Mostly vampire videogame fan fiction. Thanks though. The simpsons writes itself almost. Come to think of it that may be what happened to the latter seasons.
  • Do you want a job as a writer, though I'm not sure EA are hiring.
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