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Kozzi says goodbye

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Greetings, fellow Tappers. This is just to let any current and former Neighbours here know that I’m tapping out. I’ve been playing since late 2013 — I arrived at the tail end of the Thanksgiving event that year — and for the most part it’s been an absolute blast. I’ve loved spending time on the old Forum and have had the privilege of chatting to some wonderful people (especially on The Good Morning Thread waaay back in the day), and visiting your towns was a constant source of inspiration for my own meagre efforts.

But the end signs have been apparent for a while — incomprehensible changes to the inventory that made redesigning a nightmare; the increasing frequency of crashes; events that merely copy a template that is well past its use-by date; and, by far the most frustrating of all, the inability to tap your towns each day. There was once a time when you could report a bug like that and it got fixed; now it seems EA just doesn’t care.

Black History Month is the first event in these six-and-a-bit years that I’ve been unable to complete without using donuts — and I’ve played them all — so I figure that’s as good a sign as any that it’s time to call it a day.

So to all my Neighbours past and present and to everyone I’ve ever had the pleasure of chatting to, thank you all so much for a wonderful ride. Take care of yourselves, OK?


  • bluntcard
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    Well, this is kinda sad. Tapped Out will probably never be as it once was. Maybe just step away for a few months. I've skipped a few events. Just simply didn't download or play them. And it was a nice break. Now it's sort of like a zen garden. I play around with it a little for fun but I'm nowhere near as obsessed as I once was. It was almost a problem for awhile. LOL. Good luck and goodbye :)
    Make Nightmare Pile like Zombie Sandwich. All kids trick or treat at once.
  • iain51269522
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    edited March 2020
    I've rewatched Arnies speech that broke the internet and there is still nothing about quitting.

    As they say on the North Western "run away or stop and stay and make it pay."

    Think I'll hang with Arnie, Sig et all.
  • You (like so many others) will be missed. Wishing you the best. @Kozzi59
    Lately It Occurs To Me... What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been.
  • Your efforts were far from meagre @Kozzi59.
    Your town is always high on the list of ones to visit for inspiration.
    Take care and do pop by from time to time just in case the game returns to previous heights.
  • 11EEvey
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    I'll miss you Kozzi!
  • Although I do not know you, it’s kind of a shame that you are leaving since you cannot complete an event. It’s still a good game and we hope that you would return one day, I believe there are different seasons in life so all the best if this is what you have decided to do. Stay well and see you soon
  • I walked away from the game for around 18 months as I had a few issues with the game (the glitch and still do have that problem) and was rather burnt out too, but I came back as for some strange reason this game gets under your skin, anyway I'm actually enjoying the more laid back way of play to be honest as it's giving me time to redesign and change my Springfield around and I'm fairly certain that the stuff I missed will be back in the future.
  • Ah the end of an era... it was good while it lasted.
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