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    The Mandolorian (2019). Eight short episodes. Very beautiful visuals and good pacings. At times feel like iron man. A very good watch.
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    The Grudge (2020). Many scenes unnecessarily protracted. Utilised a lot of jump scares. Overall it was a disappointing watch.
  • KLmaker
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    I've only seen the original Pet Sematary, which was good but it's not as good as the book.
    The images the writing gave me...

    WHAT... They have remade The Grudge... Again.
    I wanted to do it yesterday but I will invariably do it tomorrow (ish).
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    The Old Man & the Gun (2018). A nice watch if you are in the mood for something calm, soothing, and jazzy. A feel good kind of film with good acting. The last main acting role of Robert Redford
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    Power Rangers (2017) Found it being shown on TV I was quite surprised at how good a budget film was I've always hated the TV series no matter how different each one is I've never understood why people like the Power Rangers I was surprised this was a PG-13/ 12a Stars Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott , Becky G and RJ Cyler with Elizabeth Banks playing Rita the Villian of the film and Bryan Cranston playing Zordon a former power ranger and now mentor anyway you felt a connection with the cast and yes the plot is an origin story 2 characters of the film will have an impact somewhere as the yellow Ranger Trini (Becky G) is struggling with who she is and Blue Ranger Billy (RJ Cyler) is autistic now the film has a great score and at times it can be gritty then silly there's lack of action it's more how the characters work together on how to become power rangers the ending an off screen cliffhanger introducing a 6th potential Power Ranger looks like they were setting up for a sequel film sadly the film underperformed at the box office and there's now going to be yet another Power Rangers Reboot this time by Paramount instead of Lionsgate I would rate this film 6/10.
  • I actually like this Power Ranger film
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    Bloodshot (2020) Starring Vin Diesel the story is about Ray Garrison, an elite soldier who was killed in battle, is brought back to life by an advanced technology that gives him the ability of super human strength and fast healing. With his new abilities, he goes after the man who killed his wife, or at least, who he believes killed his wife. He soon comes to learn that not everything he learns can be trusted. The true question Can he even trust himself?
    This is a Valient Comics character there going to start there own Film universe and they shouldn't because this was bad film Bloodshot is like what would happen if you put The Wolverine, The Terminator and Robocop together bad performance from Vin Diesel barely opens his mouth it's hard to understand sometimes what he's saying compare this film with other superhero films and this is boring and predictable it's like a film from 20 years ago there's lots of issues like the script, special effects to sound plus this is another Hollywood film with no imagination just a complication of old action movies I would rate this film 1/10 avoid this film unless you like Vin Diesel mumbling ;).
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    Mortal Engines(2018). This is an epic film with epic visuals. But the storyline is strange and the subplot with Terminator vibes was actually quite funny. There are also a lot of Star Wars vibes in this film. For me this film is an above average watch for the visuals and actions but it flopped big though.
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    Playing with Fire (2019). This is a horrible film with whining obnoxious children. But I think those under 12 may like it. The children around me were having a good time.
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    Kingdom season 2 (2020). A good Korean drama. Only 6 episodes of about 35 mins each. You can finish it in about 3.5 hrs.
  • 168sean168
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    Charlie's Angels (2019). Not very good. Awkward dialogues. The angels though tried their best to act cute and indeed some moments they were cute. But still a decent action flick. Targeted at teenage girls
  • 168sean168
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    The Irishman (2019). A good watch with veteran gangsters actors and good de ageing visuals. The plot can be a little hard to follow though
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    Black and Blue (2019). I really like this one. A decent thriller.
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    Knives Out (2019). A very good watch
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    Little (2019). I like two thirds of this. But fell asleep on the third act.
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    Countdown (2019) Interesting idea but execution of the film is weak. Overall an average watch.
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    Ford Vs Ferrari (2019). Good drama and exciting car racing scenes.
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    Hagazussa: A Heathen's Curse (2017). A German film. This is the most horrible film I have ever watched and I nearly wanted to spit out my saliva. It is so slow like watching a snail moving from one end of the room to the other end. And yet, they managed not to tell the story clearly. You could easily fall asleep watching this. This film in the genre of The Witch and I actually like the Witch. The film did have good high mountain sceneries. And art house people may like it. But for me, it is like those kind of abstract arts that artists without talents create.

  • smharris129
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    LOL. I got a good chuckle out of that review, @168sean168.
  • 168sean168
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    LOL. I got a good chuckle out of that review, @168sean168.

    Thank you ! It was a heartfelt review :smiley:
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