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KWIK-E-MART (also known as KEM) farming guide.



  • Thanks, @daved7637397 - I saw that the island could be level 2, but I wanted to make sure about the others. I use the level 1 valet parking for my Powell’s motors showroom.

    Happy to help. Good idea with the showroom, Ive seen people use them for parking at the airport, but Ive never been able to make them look right
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  • Trying to do some maths with Donuts farming and would appreciate help from the more mathematically minded among you...


    I can currently afford about 18 KEM about 3 times a day (at 2,000 XP each I think) - I can probably do 4 times a day but I'd rather err on the side of caution.

    Difficult to give a precise estimate of XP earned with tasks etc.

    My current multiplier is 269.25% (trying to increase further obviously)

    I'm level 131 (therefore 500,000 XP per level)

    The XP collider costs at least 2.5 donuts a day at least (on a 10 day run)

    I am not sure if the XP collider gives an additional 5x XP (i.e., 2,000 XP + 10000 XP) or just 5 times the total XP (10,000 XP in total).

    So I guess I should level up at least 3 times a day as a result (on top of the normal levelling that I would do) to make this proftable, so in other words I would need to earn at least 1,500,000 EXTRA XP due to the XP collider to make this work.

    However, with a conservative estimate of 8,000 XP extra per KEM (it might be 10,000 XP) x18 KEM x 3 per day that works out as an extra 432,000 XP per day. Even if it's 10,000 extra XP per KEM, that only comes up as an extra 540,000 XP per day. With my multplier as above, that would be between and 1,162,000 and 1,452,600 extra XP per day. Maybe only just about profitable calculating the XP earned from tasks?

    Have I got anything wrong? Should I wait until I have a higher multiplier or more money to spend on regular KEMs before switching in on again?
  • @DocBingoBongo This calculator may help you out some.
  • Thank you, I've seen that link. But it only tells me how much I spent per donut with farming - not really if investing the donuts in the collider is paid off by the extra levelling?
  • frosted1414
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    The XP collider 5x is a straight multiplier (not a bonus!)
    In my opinion, you should always have the XP collider on while KEM farming or other farming.
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  • Ah, that's very helpful! Thank you.

    So according to that, I would make an exta 1,595,160 XP with the collider just by KEW farming. Which is 0.5 donut profit per day.

    Having said that, with my current 48 characters and at least 140 XP per day character per day, I would get an extra 99,254.4 XP from that as well, not counting buildings and friends and quests...

    And that's not counting an increased multiplier over time.

    So I should be able to make a net profit of at least 1.5 donut per day (one from daily challenge and 0.5 from XP collider), plus various and sundry...

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