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Summer is almost here

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And I have decided what I want for a Summer event. #makebeachescoolagain

While Heights has made some nice things for it, it want my whole coastline lovely.

After Zenith City and Cypress Creek, I believe its time for our lovely state to get Little Pwagmattasquarmsettport!

Content can and should be united from other episodes too - even such recent ones as Great Phatsby with its Hamptons businesses and residents or SF beachfront area from s28e11.

Why stop there? Give us dr Caleb Thorn and manatees! Give us Duff McShark - what an animated tasks he could have!!!

And yes - its time for characters to get tasks on water, rivers and both those being able to connect.

Once we get our secret agent secrets done, lets put our sun screen and take a dip into the ocean! EA, i see u!


  • rw228
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    I like this idea. Characters could have beach outfit skins too.
  • Summer (Northern Hemisphere) isn't until June 21.
  • And how about using "Cool Lisa" (since it's from a vacation episode) gets you a premium event currency rate? That would be nice.

    Failing that, I'd like a nice "upscale" event with lots of wealthy Springfield stuff to earn to put in Springfield Heights. While we're on the the topic (sort of), I'd like EA and Tapped Out to give me a Country Club Marge skin w/ pink Chanel dress please.

    I'm on board for a summer/vacation/beach event theme though.
  • Lake house and boat rentals which must be placed on lake water, not ocean, that you tap on and select who rents what. A paddle boat, inner tube, canoe, etc. And then that character travels around your lake, however large you decide to make it.
  • Content ideas:
    Swan Paddle Boat
    Air Boat
  • OMG the Swan Paddle Boat is awesome. :D
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  • 1pillform
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    MONTHS away from Summer. If your in the states, its still snowing in several states. Summer isn't anywhere near here. More boats? No...please no. Boats that BELONG on the river they keep releasing they keep forcing them onto OCEAN...where they don't belong. I have to cheat just to put them where they belong. It's annoying. By now we should have vehicles in the game where they are suppose to go. Same with the Pool Mobile...which I am really hoping for this summer. Except its a truck...which most likely won't even be able to be placed on roads AGAIN.

    OH and Swan Boat.....that is a MUST have. lol
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  • Deadshot_DCU
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    • Cowboy Bob with Bob's RV Round-Up
    • Erin with with Teejay's Zaymart
    • Lil' Valu-Mart Clerk with Lil' Valu-Mart
    • Bort (man)
    • Mr. Black
    • Amish Man with Aluminam Barn
    • Pool Salesman with Pool Sharks
    • Ranger McFadden with Ranger Lookout Post

    • Flanders' Beach House
    • Little Pwagmattasquarmettport Public Library
    • Marine World
    • Beachcomber Barber Shop
    • Tern For the Wurst Delicatessen

      • Bigfoot Homer with Mudpile

      • Little Pwagmattasquarmsettport Sign

      • Gull Things Considered Newstand

      • Shell Pasted Car
      • Flanders' Speedboat
      • The Ultimate Behemoth
      • Barbeque Pit Kit
      • The Tinkler
      • Springfield Pool Mobile
  • Surfcitygal
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    At 86 degrees it's "summer" here now in SoCal. I love the lake and paddle boats ideas.
  • Gary_A_D
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    How about Hawaii? Springfielder's could fly from the airport on an hours journey, and be able to do tasks on the island with a whole town. Surfing, body boarding, partying on the beach, drinking, getting drunk, bands playing while topless lasses run around, indiscriminate sexcapades, motel diving into pools? This could be fun. I'd also like something geared towards Krustyland, with a train scheme. Since one of my favorite events was the Monorail, why not a Train? If there is a new event geared towards the beach and ocean, I hope more land and water is added towards the right bottom side of the playing screen. I'd hate to need to redo my whole beach area. I have done extensive work from the bottom right clear up into Springfield Heights, and would prefer not having to change all of it.
  • Jonalinn
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    edited May 2017
    I love this idea! So many great ways to go with this!

    It's summer here every day (except for the one day we have winter lol). It's 80 degrees already and it's not even 9 am :)

    You got a great looking town~168sean... Checked out your town, WOW! ~daved
  • spritals148
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    Our winter here was on Wednesday. However, we are having a nasty late cold spell- it was 53 last night from 2230 till 705.

    The summer idea would be a blast!
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  • jmlgg
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    Still as relevant as ever since nothing from afromentioned has hit our games yet!
  • simpsonare
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    I like the idea. I'd say we need a beach type of event also making use of our Springfield heights beach area.


    The link above is similar to this except it is spring break. Think of Myrtle Beach and Florida. I just feel that I want a beach area. And correspond my beach and water with a boardwalk type of setting. Maybe add a wood tile so that we can create a boardwalk at the edge of the drop off with a addition of boardwalk worthy buildings. My two cents. Not a 'port'!

    Usually when a event caters to what's going on around are the most enjoyable. #Pride #SpringBreak #Thanksgiving #Halloween #Christmas
  • bluntcard
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    [*]The Tinkler

    [*]Springfield Pool Mobile

    These two things. I'd love a ridiculously huge pool where all the kids had a swimming animation.

    Make Nightmare Pile like Zombie Sandwich. All kids trick or treat at once.
  • Some of us are in Autumn right now, but it's still 75-79F :smile:
  • jmlgg
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    edited May 2020
    Summer nearing once again and 3 years later still 0 of this content has been in the game...

    So if covid robs us of from proper summer fun why not have it in our pocket Springfields?! 😏
  • Deadshot_DCU
    6310 posts Moderator
    jmlgg wrote: »
    Summer nearing once again and 3 years later still 0 of this content has been in the game...

    So if covid robs us of from proper summer fun why not have it in our pocket Springfields?! 😏

    Well from the stuff I asked for, they did finally give us Marine World. Now they just need to give us the other stuff in a Summer event. Make it happen, EA
  • We got Duff McShark (as a decoration), Marine World (as a building and some decorations), and the Barbeque Pit (the pictured one, not Homer's one). The Little Pwagmattasquarmsettport items and characters would work with the current event format and be a great tie in to 4th of July, there could also be a beach tile released to expand the Springfield beach we have. I'd love to see Judge Harm's Houseboat get added now that Judge Harm is in TSTO.
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