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Stupid monorail pieces

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Why oh why won’t you line up? Sorry I’m just venting my frustrations. I thought I could add to my monorail but I can’t as they won’t line up. It’s millimetres the difference. I almost smashed my phone. :lol: Aaaahhhh
Anyone else want to vent feel free to join in.


  • ramrod130
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    I thought this thread was going to be about all of those stupid curvy pieces. I hate those.
  • Razor049
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    I sympathize with you. I never had that problem, but lots of people have. I was one who just happened to have my tracks line up with the tunnels. You have a 50% chance of getting the tracks to line up with the tunnels. I also made sure that when I put down a new station that it would match up with the others. But just the same, EA should have made a track that would make it so you would not have to do this.
    I don't feel your pain, but I understand it. :(
    My town 5/13/20: https://i.imgur.com/GHOIICG.jpg. I accept most neighbor requests.
  • tstonumberonefan
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    @Razor049 I had gotten everything to line up first time round with the tunnels but I just decided to add to it as I was just moving things around. I wish I hadn’t bothered. I don’t know why you can’t add them together properly.



    This one? Yeah I hate these too
  • I managed to use up the wobble tracks by using them in my Krustyland, but the 20 plus corner tracks will never get used. I would literally spend donuts to convert them to straight tracks so I can connect my last two stations. I'd spend donuts just to buy straight tracks...
  • malthus54 wrote: »
    I would literally spend donuts to convert them to straight tracks so I can connect my last two stations. I'd spend donuts just to buy straight tracks...

    I would like and I guess others would do too is have the option to swap the pieces we don’t want. I’ll be happy with that.
  • I am a bit confused now - does anyone know if the timer resets after a week or not? I am worried about investing materials and then not reaching the 5 donuts before the week is over...
  • The timer does not reset.
  • @smharris129 thanks as I forgotten myself
  • Htyrag
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    I do wish they’d do some longer track pieces. I’ve had to remove all my track pieces to stay under the item limit.
    Longer pieces, as well as longer fences, walls, and bushes. Could really reduce the item limit without affecting the design element of the game.
    Also split tracks, and tracks with forestry around the base would be excellent additions.
  • I would like some more stations I would like longer straight track pieces as it would be less on the item count. And get rid of the bendy curve and small track pieces.
  • The 'bendy curve' and small track pieces have their uses so I cannot agree with getting rid of them. More stations and small stations would be nice.
  • KLmaker
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    I haven't done much with the Monorail because of the low number of pieces, but I had a little play around last night, and the S bends, bendy curve or offsets are great, brilliant.
    As @smharris129 said both the bits have there uses.
    The offsets are used to offset the track in parallel to the original line, such as for sidings, I'm happy EA got this right.

    But it's the corners that confused me, they seem to kick the numbers out.
    If you used 2 corners like a big S bend, the total length is 6 squares long, so you need a long and a short straight; and it kicks it over by 6 squares as well.
    The footprints for the corners and the long straights is 4x4, but if you add a corner it kicks it out by 2; I moved a long straight over corners and S bends and the ends do not line up.

    We do need a lot more parts though.
    Bigger offsets. The offsets are good but only 2 squares, we could do with a bigger offset of 4 squares or more but with small footprints.
    Switches, like junctions, or we have one track that links to either 1 of 2 with an offset and we have to go into edit mode to change it.
    Declines and work sheds. So the rail comes down to ground level and into work sheds, can't connect the Railyard otherwise.
    Big and small stations and platforms, because there are just not enough.
    Longer straights, not only item limit but continuous laying of smaller parts, jeez, tiresome.
    And end stops.

    Nice to see you back @Jonalinn hope everything is ok now.
  • I love the decline to a work shed idea. That could also help us make use of the Springfield train station that sits unused currently.
    I would ask that track pieces could be made to straddle walls and fences while we are putting requests into the aether.
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