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Be honest... do you really play anymore?


  • I still play, but not with much enthusiasm anymore. The events are boring and the lag and scrolling with such a big town makes designing more of a chore. It really doesn’t have the fun of TP neighboring towns or spelling words with eggs anymore.
  • Outside of events I pop in every 2nd or 3rd day to collect building income but that's about it. None of my characters are tasked. There's nothing for me to do until the item limit is raised.
  • KLmaker
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    edited June 9
    In addition to my earlier answer.

    I login at least twice a day every day, but sometimes that could be 4 or 5 times a day.
    Collecting building taxes.
    Putting Parade Rollers back on.
    Sideshow You.
    Daily Challenges.
    Maggie's Game.
    Road To Riches have got Mansion Gardens, will get more when money allows
    Collecting KrustyLand tickets, I just am.
    Buying land every weekend, it's a discipline thing.
    Still working on my zoo, though it is slow going.
    A bit of designing here and there.
    I need more content, but I am happy to win or buy stuff as it comes along.
    Level 245.
    7m IGC.
    1095 Donuts.
    Bonus 334%.
    About 2 and 1/2 years in.
    Next to no money, been classified as "In persistent debt", though I have clawed back momentarily into credit, and the lockdown really ain't helping.

    So, yeah, Freemium and still playing.
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  • I still play!!!! When's the next update?
  • Play every day and still do the daily challenges.
  • I still play!!!! When's the next update?
    Don’t know yet LPNintedoITA posts about incoming updates so keep an eye out on here
  • Still play every single day
  • I still log in once every day to clear buildings and reset my characters on 24hr jobs, I've got no quests or anything left to do, except complete my dream layout. If there's an event I'll log in to progress through it, but the recent event format is incredibly dull to me, I miss the excitement of not knowing if I'll be able to complete it.
    Every so often, around every 6 weeks or so, I'll have a burst of inspiration and spend a fair few hours redesigning a bit of my town.
  • KLmaker
    946 posts Member
    Was redesigning a bit of a race track last night.

    I was originally going to use the track from I&SL Indy 500, without the control stand to see if that stopped the lag.
    But even without the stand, it still lagged, so it has gone back in the box.

    I did do a 1 arch bridge with Brown Fences, Tyres, Dirt Track and Pavement, and later on, put it going over 2 arches.
    Last night I made the bridge and the arches wider, about 6 squares, if I use 8 squares or 2 road widths it is too big.
    Haven't got a design yet it, it is just a bridge with 2 arches, 6 ends of tyres that just stop then grass, dirt track everywhere and some of it will have to be covered up.

    Got a couple of ideas for smaller bridges, but no tangible track design idea yet.

    I got the idea for the bridge from a photo someone had posted somewhere and I have rather unashamedly pinched and altered it.
    I haven't figured out yet how to have inclines and declines to the bridge, so this span is between 2 embankments, though that in itself is really nothing more than about a dozen Box Hedges and needs work to flesh it out.
    But seeing as I haven't figured out how the track is going to go yet anyway, I just really need to know that an embankment is going there.
  • Castiel19x
    4094 posts Member
    I only play when there's an event on now and don't even put effect into designing since they took crafting out.
    TOUK is the best also have you considered Nuking
  • KLmaker
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    Castiel19x wrote: »
    I only play when there's an event on now and don't even put effect into designing since they took crafting out.

    What about nuking and re-doing, you were all over that.
  • I've stopped playing simply because it's eating up my storage on phone and IPad :s so storage is full Tapped out isn't the same as when it started in 2012 will it make the 10 year anniversary ?
  • Outside of events, I only play twice a day. Once when I get up, and another time at about 8pm to set everything up for the next morning.
    Trying to control the horizontal & the vertical. Do not adjust your TV.
  • Usually twice a day, 12 x 12 at 4 am and 4 pm. The unemployment office and ability to 'free' characters made this possible.

    Events I log in as necessary to complete.
  • I forget about the game for days and only log in when I've grown bored with my other phone apps. Sad really, I used to check my Springfield like clockwork. Last few events I've spent donuts to rush. Can't be bothered to design either. I have event items in rows on the land I have (luckily I've not hit an item limit).

    If they brought back something like crafting, for which earning event currency was necessary and which couldn't be rushed with donuts, I'd have a bit more incentive to engage. Things as they are, I'm just not inclined to put in any effort.
  • KLmaker
    946 posts Member
    Did a bit of tidying up of little bits lying around last night.
    This group of people, that group of people, Prince Albert In A Can, Museum Of Zippers and other stuff like that, it does look a bit less cluttered now.
    I going to be moving some stuff around at some point so this is a good start.

    I've put the Blipateria, (think that's right), next to Noise Land Video Arcade and put them both in a blank spot somewhere.
    But when this is over Blip's is going on the Squidport, I would put the Arcade, but it looks too much like a noticeable brick building to me.

    But they will both be near the beach, the memories of my youth, wasting money in the arcades, I loved the one on the pier.
  • simpsonare
    2193 posts Member
    What would be really cool is to just dedicate a whole area in Krustyland as a arcade. Trying to think of how I can gather everything.

    KLmaker wrote: »
    Did a bit of tidying up of little bits lying around last night. I would put the Arcade, but it looks too much like a noticeable brick building to me.

  • heyababy47428
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    edited June 16
    I login every day.
    The thing that keeps from designing is game stability, can't go more than 5 minutes without crashing and every 20 crashes or so I need to reinstall.

    Like just now I had to reinstall to get back into the event, played for 30 minutes (crashed 4 times) and now I'm reinstalling again because the game won't launch.
  • The games that bad for you that you have to reinstall thats werid I crash every like 30 mins or so or if I'm visiting friends but I just sign back on and go back to playing I would freak out if I had to uninstall and all that so often sorry to hear that
  • wadebear
    3525 posts Member
    What are you playing on? And by "crash" do you mean the Bart Screen (cannot connect to server)?
    When I Bart Screen I might be able to Retry and get back in, but that seldomly works. I have to 'force close the game' by double tapping the Home button and swiping it away, then start fresh.
    Since coming back a couple of months ago I have to also turn off my iPad every 3 or 4 days, wait a minute, then start it back up. Otherwise I just get the spinning donut that never stops. I also have to do that on my Android devices, but not as often.
    You also might try freeing up a little more space on your device. I had to delete a bunch of stuff on my Galaxy Tab to even get the game to run.
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