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Jessica LoveJoy

Hi! So ages ago I got the LoveJoy residence with Jessica etc, and the quest that comes with her requires the Jebediah Springfield statue which i sold years ago and i tapped homer 10 times again but I can’t get it back so until I get it back I can’t finish the quest :(


  • I didn’t know that you was able to sell it back then I only know that you can’t sell it now. Did you actually sell it or did you store it? You could try looking in your inventory either the part entitled miscellany or the main inventory. If you have sold it and can’t get it back the try contacting ea to see if they can give it you back.
  • Yeah I sold it about 6 or 7 years ago when I was little because I didn’t want my inventory piling up. I sold it for $0 lol! But thanks I’ll give that a go👍
  • I'm very surprised someone would sell that part of Springfield you could have out it anywhere in your town if u didn't wanna look at it just hide it behind a building like I do with everything else walls the giant grasshopper all that I just hide I would try asking ea tell them u sold it a long time ago by accident and u need it I'm sure they would add it
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