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Be honest... do you really play anymore?



  • KLmaker wrote: »
    Castiel19x wrote: »
    I only play when there's an event on now and don't even put effect into designing since they took crafting out.

    What about nuking and re-doing, you were all over that.


  • sqcat
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    Events yes. I don't send everyone on tasks or tap everything anymore. Usually I just send Lisa on the obstacle course thing and tap enough to get a few donuts.
  • KLmaker
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    KLmaker wrote: »
    Castiel19x wrote: »
    I only play when there's an event on now and don't even put effect into designing since they took crafting out.

    What about nuking and re-doing, you were all over that.


  • @wadebear
    You must have left during or just after what I think of as the whirlwind event-year-that-was. Back to back complicated events that wore me out and made me wonder how EA could keep up the pace. EA didn’t and we’ve had the same simple format events ever since.

    Even so, I remember the early first couple of years when we would have weeks (months!) with no new content or levels. I still think the best event was Stonecutters with Wild West the second because I loved the content (we got dirt! and the movies)
  • I still play daily but the item limit has strangled my enthusiasm.

    Having spent nearly 8 years playing the game and countless hours designing my Springfield, I refuse to nuke it and treat the item limit as some sort of new “design challenge” - I didn’t spend all that time for nothing!

    I do the events, get the new content, then store it to make room for the content fro the next event.

    I have all the land..... and over a year’s worth of new event content in my inventory to fill it, but I’m not allowed to put it there...

    I live in hope of an increased limit one day . I still haven’t maxed out cash or donuts so will play til then maybe.

    I, like most, am frustrated about the simplified and unchanging event mechanics, but that’d be ok if I was able to keep designing my town the way I want to
  • wadebear wrote: »
    What are you playing on? And by "crash" do you mean the Bart Screen (cannot connect to server)?
    When I Bart Screen I might be able to Retry and get back in, but that seldomly works. I have to 'force close the game' by double tapping the Home button and swiping it away, then start fresh.
    Since coming back a couple of months ago I have to also turn off my iPad every 3 or 4 days, wait a minute, then start it back up. Otherwise I just get the spinning donut that never stops. I also have to do that on my Android devices, but not as often.
    You also might try freeing up a little more space on your device. I had to delete a bunch of stuff on my Galaxy Tab to even get the game to run.

    I'm playing on a state of the art potato phone (android). And some illegal magix using my PC that I can't talk about here.
    The crashing is just the Bart screen and then sometimes the game locks up or does the spinning donut thing forever like yours.
  • Since the update I get the lock up or the spinning donut forever too. I just force close the game and then relaunch. (Android)
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  • KLmaker
    1479 posts Member
    Increased the size of Squidport so it's a bigger dumping ground until I can design it properly while adding attractions.
    Blip's Zapateria is now on the Squidport.
    Noise Land Arcade is just outside the entrance with Arcade Corner, Dubsteppa and Whack-a-Mole.

    I got the Whack-a-Mole from YMB, there is other stuff I want as well including the Dodgeball Court and one or two others, but at least the Waterslide Tree is a prize in this event as that is going there too.
  • Until yesterday I played every day, at least 3 times a day event or no. But having to keep more than 1/4 of my tablet’s memory free just to play has become too much. I can only delete so many other apps!
  • niahunt
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    I still play daily, but would estimate that around 70% of my neighbours have given up on TSTO .
  • KLmaker
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    edited June 2020
    Bought some more land and sea, but it was as far as possible away from the Squidport, as I have been concentrating on buying the last of the land away from the mountains, and Squidport is nearer the mountains.

    I need to buy more sea near the Squidport, so I can move fully upgraded Beach Hut, Lighthouses, Ship, Islands and probably expand Squidport a bit more to accommodate Water Slide Tree, but I can do that next weekend with no detrimental effect.

    I had bought the last of the land tiles that are over 1m IGC each a couple of weeks ago and now just filling in the gaps, I spend about 3 or 4m IGC each weekend doing that.
    I think I need at least 20m to get all of it, which is some of the last 4 columns and quite a bit of sea.
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  • I’ve definitely slowed my play. Haven’t set 4 hr alarms in a long time. Still complete all the events in about 4 days. I’m fine with the slower pace. I’m just happy the game has continued
  • KLmaker
    1479 posts Member
    I haven't been able to play as much in the morning, so it's more the afternoon, evening, night and early mornings which needs to stop really.
    I'm about to complete Part 2, so a bit behind.
    I don't mind the slower pace.
  • KLmaker
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    edited July 2020
    I bought some sea last weekend, and I had a bit more money left over than what I thought I would have.
    I had already bought all the tiles that were 1M or more.
    So I bought all the tiles that were over 500,000, which were a lot more than I thought, and it took my balance down to 3M.

    I spent over 3M on 3052 Bramble Hedges because I really like them, it was an impulse buy, so I like a minimum balance.

    Built it back up over 7M and bought a strip of sea yesterday which was about 1.5M, do the same next weekend which will be about 3M.
    I have 2 more strips of sea to get then 3 strips of land, with IGC building as I go.
    Then back to Road To Riches, need 80M for third part.
  • I still play daily. I kinda love that it’s one of the only games without ads.
  • KLmaker
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    edited July 2020
    cnations07 wrote: »
    I still play daily. I kinda love that it’s one of the only games without ads.

    And the Forum too, Addicts just drives me nuts.

    12th July.
    Just bought another strip of about several land tiles, got two more land strips to get and two of the sea.
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