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July 4th

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Does anyone know if they will be dropping any new presidents and/or July 4th related treats tomorrow. I don’t think there was any last year so I’m a bit pessimistic.


  • seems unlikely as we are currently in an event and I haven't seen any mention of anything 4th of July related.
  • nmd6
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    seems unlikely as we are currently in an event and I haven't seen any mention of anything 4th of July related.

    I fear you are right. In my heart of hearts I was thinking we wouldn’t get anything but I posted in hope rather than expectation that I would be wrong.
    I try to be positive but this has been the least inspiring event I’ve seen and I’ve been here from near enough the start so I was hoping they left something in the tank to surprise us.
  • Rare though it may seem, once again I repeat "Rare", having a seasonal sale or basic addition into the store can occur during an event.

    Usually though LPN might make a mention, or the game will have programed a sale during that timeframe whether or not it deals with the event can be left up to speculation....

    Fourth of July 2016
    Was the example that I had in mind, it occurred during the Superheroes event, so have a seasonal addition during an event is not unheard of

    How things have been going?

    At best they might return some items, probably no new ones, OR.....or a belated short questline a week after this event ends.....with a line about "Someone out there is celebrating Independence somewhere!"

    Hoping for some new items, maybe a presidential skin for Itchy from the Simpson movie...
    Or maybe another task for Homer either hiding behind the constitution or James Madison and the others using the constitution on Homer... I don't know.
  • johncolombo
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    just for old times sake it would be nice if the game gifted us that box of fireworks we used to get every year.
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  • wadebear
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    What would be really nice is if they gave us the box of Fireworks and fixed the sound. Playing without sound is creepy. And then I move to another device to play that town and it has sound...
  • Castiel19x
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    No new president again. I missed the old days.
    TOUK is the best also have you considered Nuking
  • frosted1414
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    Happy 4th of July
  • 168sean168
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    I did watch President Trump's speech and the subsequent fireworks show live at Mount Rushmore for a while. Happy 4th of July
  • Deadshot_DCU
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    Still waiting for George H.W. Bush

  • Still waiting for George H.W. Bush
    A good addition to TSTO. Good...not great.
  • PotBellyPigeon
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    edited July 6
    I'm surprised that EA missed out on the 4th of July event this year since they've released at least something new and/or old every year. We kind of got a president last (or this) year even if it was a vice president, Aaron Burr. Maybe EA has a 4th of July mini event planned after this event.
  • empathy77
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    I am surprised and disappointed that there wasnt a new little something with 4th of July. At the bare minimum, a re-release of the old stuff for players that don't have the fireworks and what not. I do find it a tad concerning for the game that this shows a lack of caring on EA's part.
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