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I got another rock, What did you get? (To the Ends of the Earth)

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On this final round I got:
Galaxy: Simpson's Laser Tag - Whoo Hoo! I've wanted that for a long time.
Fire: Mr. Dirt - Hey, it's a character with tasks.
iPad: CoE Indoor Stage - Zonked again. :s


  • niahunt
    317 posts Member
    Received the last one on my list - the oversized Mr Dirt....not sure what I think of this one, just looks so odd! :D
  • Pretty much had everything I was kinda hoping that the characters would have been premium but no only two also the prize track if your going to give me skins as prizes they should have premium job payouts if not they will never be used
  • KLmaker
    1479 posts Member
    Late last night I got Sequel Stop.
    I like buildings, they pay out, they expand your town, you can sometimes repurpose them.
    Luv 'em.
  • I got a dozen donuts with my token which I'm saving up to buy more Cosplay and Gamer Crowds and the Arcade Cabinets (and Walls) closer to the end of the event.
  • Khorah
    182 posts Member
    CoE Indoor Stage .. was the last thing in the box for me
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