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Recent bug

During the most recent event, all of my characters are stuck doing the Springfielders mission I can’t access them at all, which makes completing the rest of the missions take longer. Any ideas? And it’s not the first time the game has glitched on me during events. There are several I couldn’t complete because everything went south on me in the middle, and at least 2 that I couldn’t finish because the game refused to load for 2 weeks.


  • Having the same issue, deleted, reinstalled, cleared cache & cookies, signed out, back in, even on different devices. Any thoughts?
  • wadebear
    4183 posts Member
    Store the offending building.
    Go to your Neighborhood.
    Go back to your town.
    Put the offending building back out.
    If that doesn't work, store it, close the game, pull up the App Manager and swipe the game away. Turn off your device. Wait 1 minute. Turn on your device...
  • I also had this issue. I placed the building back into storage and brought it back out and it exploded all the characters from it.
  • Genius! Thank you!

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