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Very frustrating. I can't visit other towns anymore without being booted off the server.

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With 100 friends, I swear I'm not exaggerating when I say that I will be disconnected at LEAST 10 times and often more. With the time it takes to reconnect, get back into neighbor mode etc. it can take more than half an hour to visit everyone, just for a few dollars.

I know visiting neighbors is important for the social aspect of this game and I honestly do enjoy having people look at my town and looking at the towns of my friends. But if this keeps up, the game will be literally unplayable.

Edit: at its worst, such as right now, it will disconnect me after visiting just ONE or TWO Springfields...how am I supposed to play the game like this??? I REALLY wish EA would address this. There are several other instances in the game where being booted occurs much more than usual. For instance, gaining several levels at once. But nowhere else so fundamental and disruptive to the basic gameplay.


  • Try unistall and reinstall
    Do not add me as a friend in the game anymore as I rarely visit my friends' towns. Not adding anymore too
  • Try sitting in a pentagram and burning incense
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  • wadebear
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    You may have a corrupted neighbor database.
    • Write down the names of all your neighbors.
    • Unfriend them.
    • Friend them back one at a time.
    Really though you don't need to visit neighbors that often once you've hit the peak. I had stopped visiting at all and now I'm paring down because it's just too much trouble.
  • Thanks for the advice :) Yeah, I've been level 939 for years now and have over 4 billion dollars; I certainly don't NEED to visit neighbors, but I feel as though it's the only somewhat social aspect to this game. I've spent countless hours designing and redesigning a world that has a mixture of realism, beauty, and pays homage to various episodes of the show (as an example, I have my angel skeleton right in front of the Heavenly Hills mall). One of the most motivating factors in spending so much time on design is the knowledge that others will see it. I visit them, and want them to visit me.
  • wadebear
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    So.... Did you not read the part where I said "Add them back"? I'm a Hero (Retired) in the EA Answers forum where I've answered thousands of questions and read about even more problems. Clearing and recreating your Neighbor list is an annoying and tedious solution to many Neighbor visiting problems.
  • Castiel19x
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    As soon as I use sky finger to collect everything or can't even design long enough before I get booted off which is getting very annoying.
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    TOUK is the best also have you considered Nuking. Don't forget about the Springfield Showcase
  • Hello, I am ulravico41, I have sent you a friend request because I would like to see your city
  • Bomb319
  • Sure, Ulra. I'll have to go through my list and boot an inactive though since my friends list is always maxed out.

    wade - yeah I did see that part of your post, but I was replying to this:

    "Really though you don't need to visit neighbors that often once you've hit the peak."

    Anyway, I agree deleting everyone would be exceptionally time consuming and tedious. For one thing, we're talking about writing down, deleting one-by-one and re-adding a hundred people. For another, there's no guarantee that I could even get everyone back. Finally, it's unnecessary since it's so easy to find friends through these forums. I have no friendships or even communications with anyone on my list; they're simply people I've approved who were on the waiting list. Don't get me wrong though - I would definitely prefer to keep the loyal players who visit me and are active every day.
  • Ulra - you've been added :) Let me know what you think! I'll come visit you as well.
  • Bomb319 wrote: »
    Ulra - you've been added :) Let me know what you think! I'll come visit you as well.

    lol, and right on cue, the first time I try to visit your Springfield, I get kicked off...
  • I tend to avoid neighbour visits during an event as I find the game far less stable and many more neighbour problems whilst the event is taking place compared to when nothing new is currently happening, don't know if it is to do with the update itself or that there is a greater server load during events.
  • It could be as simple as this update has caused friend visits to crash the game and may be resolved next update.
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  • I can hardly wait for the Christmas event this year. I prefer the way the game looks in winter mode - with the exception of most trees being dead.
  • I wish I just had the neighbor visit glitch on it’s own. I also have the nothing to tap (apart from vandalism) .
    My own town is glitched as are most of my neighbour’s towns...it’s been happening since December at least & no fix. Don’t think it will ever be fixed ......... :s
  • KLmaker
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    Bomb319 wrote: »
    I can hardly wait for the Christmas event this year. I prefer the way the game looks in winter mode - with the exception of most trees being dead.

    I thought Springfield did evergreen trees but they don't, apart from some pointy ones, the round ones are all deciduous.
    I would like evergreen trees.

    The slightly larger pointy ones from THOH a couple of years ago look great in winter, I did a mock up with Spooky Cottage and it looked really good, especially as I didn't do any planning, just placed stuff.
    I wanted to do it yesterday but I will invariably do it tomorrow (ish).
  • It seems to have gotten much better the past few days - few if any bootings. It must have been addressed in the recent update! Thanks, EA!
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