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Billions of dollars no where to spend it.



  • 1pillform wrote: »
    Buy thousands of fences. Start doing some 3d designs. You'll go through cash pretty fast but will probably not even make a dent.

    My item count says no :#
  • girl22721 wrote: »
    Relax. You've reached the point in the game where the most rewarding thing to do is play it less. I recommend forgetting about rat trap trucks and instead spend the time playing The Talos Principle or something else of your choosing... :)

    That better not be like Garden Scapes.

    Have no fear. One of them might be the best game ever. The other probably isn't.

    Incidentally, it's also 90% off at GOG today.

    I'm not affiliated with any of the above.
    Oatmeal832 wrote: »
    I still play "Where's Maggie" even though I have 6000+ donuts and could generate 30 donuts in about the same time it takes to play each round of that game, all so I can make 3 donuts every 3 days!

    I mostly just complete the events; the only other regular activities that I still do are donut Daily Challenges, the statue movie at the Googolplex, launching the rocket when I see it and sending Lisa to The Eliminator if she's nothing more important to do. Those are all pretty quick clicks. I usually send other characters on 4 hour jobs at the mine to keep them busy, but rarely wait around to collect all the donuts when they finish them!
  • KLmaker
    1498 posts Member
    Oatmeal832 wrote: »
    Castiel19x wrote: »
    Donut Farming is the way to go :D

    Unless you already have 1000s of donuts.

    I'm at maximum IGC and have 6000+ donuts. Donut farming would simply (briefly) decrease my IGC and add to my mountain of donuts.

    First world "TSTO" problems! :D

    Right, so, an upgrade-able $4.29B statue as someone has already previously suggested.
    I wanted to do it yesterday but I will invariably do it tomorrow (ish).
  • Deadshot_DCU
    6437 posts Moderator
    edited October 2020
    This is why I miss the Level Updates

    They always released content we can buy with money just as they released stuff for premium.

    Also, they should bring back Road to Riches & Aspirational Items

    Also more stuff like Money Mountain, Worlds Largest Redwood would be cool.
  • KLmaker
    1498 posts Member
    edited October 2020
    Yeah, but, the third level of R2R is only 80 million and WLR is something like a hundred or two odd thousands at a time, they would have to make anything else considerably more expensive.
    Post edited by KLmaker on
    I wanted to do it yesterday but I will invariably do it tomorrow (ish).
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