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I had finished the Zoominator task and put in storage now I can’t put it together now. It keeps saying add more pieces. Does anyone know how to put together, I have eight pieces - almost get it but still have gaps


  • Zoominator
  • KLmaker
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    If I rightly remember, in Edit Mode when you tap on a piece it shows a red tag at either end and no tag when it's lined up.
    Are you sure it's the same setup???
    Or, when you stored it, were the pieces not all together???
  • I stored them separately. Yes, I see the little red tags. Thanks
  • Does anyone have a pic of the Zoominator put together. The starter set - I have eight pieces
  • Excuse the size of the image,hopeless at uploading screenshots from my ipad :#

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  • 9d957zf4t8xs.png. These are the eight pieces I have. Can someone figure out how to get them together
  • Frosted1414, the guy was probably trying to put the Zoominator together
  • You have four corners and four sides. Only one way to put it together
  • KLmaker
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    Yeah, square or rectangle, unfortunately.
    Well the square would still be a rectangle, just not as much as the rectangle.
  • Willy9292
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    @98A12B This should be what it looks like when obtained.


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  • KLmaker
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    It looks like a square but there's a bit of a rectangle about it.
    If the end pieces were put on the sides, it would be a longer and thinner rectangle.
    Unfortunately, those are the only two shapes you can make.
    You could try swapping the straights around, but that's about it.

    If I would gift you mine if I could, I managed to do quite well, I got sixteen pieces and they are all stored.
  • Thank you, I got it together. Sort of a triangle. Thanks
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