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    Hubie Halloween (2020) I chuckled numerous times watching this. Generally a fun watch
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    Hitman: Agent Jun (2020). A comedic Korean thriller film. Quite a fun watch.
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    Secret Society of Second-Born Royals (2020). Generally quite a bland and boring
    kids show. Probably better to be a pilot episode of a TV drama but even then it would be quite a boring pilot.
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    Hotel Mumbai (2018) A dramatisation of the 2008 terrorist event in Mumbai. Quite a well made film with numerous suspenseful moments. In English and Hindi.

    This incident was the first and only time a Singaporean was killed in a terrorist event. A young 28 year old lawyer lady in Government service on a business trip.


    In Remembrance, Lo Hwei Yen
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    Unbroken : Path to Redemption (2018)
    I watched this thinking that it was the one by Angelina Jolie. But it is not. It is a sequel. It is very boring, the most boring film I watched since Da 5 Blood. In fact it is a Christian film and at one point I was forced to watch a sermon.
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    Unbroken (2014). A better film than the sequel and with bigger budget. But I did fall asleep a few times at various scenes. Also I feel that the depiction was not that shocking.
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    Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970). A nice watch.
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    Collective Invention (2015). A Korean film about a fish man, but is actually also a social commentary in a Kafkaesque style. An average watch for me.

    But an above average if you like to ruminate upon social commentaries.
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    I Think I Love My Wife (2007). At first I was thinking that this guy doesn't look like the one from Rush Hour. And then I realised he is a different person.

    Quite a simple drama about marital issues. Very vulgar language throughout. Above average watch for me.
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    Person of Interest S1 (2011) 23 Episodes

    S2 (2012) 22 Ep

    S3 (2013) 23 Ep

    S4 (2014) 22 Ep

    S5 (2016) 13 Ep

    This is a very good drama with some sci fi elements about AI surveillance system. Series was created by Jonathan Nolan, the guy behind Westworld

    This was an interesting split second moment as the number 3838 is considered a golden number by Cantonese. It means rise and prosper. I wonder if it has any significance in the western world.

    In Rocky films, Rocky lives in two different units, 1818 & 2313. Both are very good golden numbers too.


    Rocky's residences.

    This pretty actress, Sarah Shahi, has Persian royalty blood

    A Simpsons moment in the show

    The character played by Jim Caviezel gives me the James Bond vibes. In a way, this drama is almost like a mini James Bond TV drama
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    The Boys season 2 (2020) Eight episodes. Quite a lot of boring dialogue scenes without background music interspersed with some violent gory scenes. Overall an above average watch. But I feel season 1 is a better one.
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    The Pirates (2014). A comedic crazy adventure from Korea. Entertaining and not a dull moment
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    Mandy (2018) Low Budget horror gore film with a retro vibe. Most of the scenes are pretty long and slow but crazy stuffs did happen throughout. Best watched when you are drunk or trippy.
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    The Eight Hundred (2020). A Chinese War film based on real historical event about a Chinese last stand against invading Japanese at a warehouse in Shanghai in 1937. The warehouse was interestingly standing opposite foreign concessions territories that the Japanese strived not to touch in the early stage.

    This film faced multiple censorships and delays before it was finally released because it was about the National Revolutionary Army of the Kuomintang against the Japanese. The Kuomintang later escaped to Taiwan during the civil war with the communist party.

    The film is stunning in visuals and in the war scenes. It was also an emotional watch to many Chinese both from China and Taiwan. It was a tad sad watch for me. Character developments were not good though and it was hard to be connected to any particular characters and also at times, I couldn't tell one from another. They used quite authentic Chinese of different dialect accents in the film and I actually need subtitles to understand the dialogues.

    Overall a good watch if you are into war films and the film is good to bring awareness of this history to the current generation. This film was said to be the highest grossing film so far in 2020.

    Back in 1976, there was also a version made by the Taiwanese known as Eight Hundred Heroes.

    A snapshot of yet another Chinese version made in 1938. This character, Yang Huimin, a Girl Guide, was an iconic figure in the incident due to her exceptional bravery.

    Character of Yang Huimin, played by Brigitte Lin /Lin Qingxia in the 1976 film.

    The real Yang Huimin next to Brigitte Lin in a promotional shot for the 1976 film.

    Brigitte Lin/ Lin Qingxia is a Taiwanese actress. During the 70s and 80s, she was considered a goddess of the entertainment industry. The most beautiful actress ever. She appeared in many romantic dramas in her younger days.

    The real Yang Huimin

    Yang Huimin in the 2020 film

    Actual scene of the war from an old photograph taken by some westerners.

    Location of the Sihang Warehouse in Shanghai, a bridge would link it to the foreign concessions across the river.

    The facade of the Sihang Warehouse was restored and maintained as seen today. A museum was also set up next to it.
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    The Call (2020). I was cheated by the poster about being creators of the Final Destination series. This film was nowhere near this series. Quite a boring and average watch for me.
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    Breaking Bad

    Season 1 (2008) 7 Eps

    Season 2 (2009) 13 Eps

    Season 3 (2010) 13 Eps

    Season 4 (2011) 13 Eps

    Season 5 (2012) 16 Eps

    Such an awesome series that really connects with you. Once begin cannot stop. One of the best TV drama I ever watched

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    El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019). Not to be missed for fans of Breaking Bad. An extension directly from last episode in the series.

    A scary moment when a Matt Damon look alike actor changed by so much in 9 years while depicting the same character in the same timeline.
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    Under the Dome

    Season 1 (2013) 13 Eps


    Season 2 (2014) 13 Eps


    Season 3 (2015) 13 Eps


    A Stephen King's cameo

    Previously watched Season 1 as I didn't know when was the new one coming out from the public broadcaster.

    Finally understood the mystery of the Dome. Many silly moments in the drama. Overall an above average Sci Fi.
    Toyota Prius and Microsoft Surface tablets are leading characters in the drama.
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    Kajillionaire (2020). A bizarre, quirky, artistic comedic drama. I watched it as Evan Rachel Wood is in it. An Interesting watch
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    The Outpost (2020). This film feels authentic and realistic both in the life and the battle at the outpost. Based on real incident. A good watch.
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