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What did you get with your FREE Gold Token?

I know, I know.. I've been a little busy. I counted up what I'd need to buy everything in the Yearbooks that were in the Mystery Boxes in my games and figured out I could buy it all if I got at least 4 things on a line. So I started writing a Javascript program to find out how many times I'd have to hit refresh to get at least 4 things on a line...
It's still not finished. I'm getting closer. I've re-imagined it. I've expanded its capabilities. But it still doesn't work quite right. There's a logic bug (or 2, or 3, or...) in it somewhere. It gives me output, but the output isn't right. I'll have to work on it some more.
I got myself an early Christmas present of a new tablet and replaced my aging Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0 with... The Fire table I've been using. I replaced the Fire tablet with Lenovo Smart Tab M8. Slightly faster than the Fire, but much faster than the Samsung.
So I got:
Fire (formerly Samsung): Florence of Arabia. Bleh. Coulda' got it from the Yearbook.
Lenovo (formerly Fire): Donut Boat. Double Bleh.
iPad Mini: Rigellian Infant Pod Transmitter. Well at least it wasn't in the Yearbook.
Motorola: STEM Conference Center. Bleh again. And it's from the Yearbook so it will probably mess up my analysis of the Yearbook, which is a major reason I'm playing that town.
So what did YOU get? Anything good?


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