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*SOLVED* Moses quest glitched

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edited December 2020
Today when I opened the app on android, I noticed a serious lag in my town... it takes me forever to scroll around my SF, and all characters are either running around at high speed, or just moving but staying in the same spot.
I already reïnstalled, lowered decoration items,...
It started with Moses' 4hr task : make springfielders chase moses with pitchforks..
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  • It is a bug. I just solved it. Never send more characters than is required. I sent more than 450 characters! The game was almost unplayable! You only have to find every character and finish their 4 hours job: chase Moses with pitchforks.
  • Just solved it too... as soon as everybody was free from this task, the gameplay went back to normal.
    Thanks @superefrain7
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