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Making money

What’s the best/quickest way to earn money trying to grind as much as I can?


  • TheRealTiminator
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    edited January 17
    It kinda depends on how far into the game you are @PinkSparky0357.
    What level you're at, how many characters you have unlocked etc.
    Saying that, in the later stages the in-game cash becomes effectively redundant until you eventually hit the maximum cap of 4.2 billion plus change.
    So I'm guessing that you're at a fairly early stage in the game in which case the best strategy for earning both cash & xp is to keep using the characters that aren't needed for story missions for short term missions e.g: do a 1hr task 4 times pays out 4x70=280 whereas 1x4hr task only pays 175.
    This will earn you cash quicker if you can keep logging in multiple times a day to keep retasking all your people.
    The other quick way to earn cash is house farms; all the different colour houses pay out at different time intervals so pick whichever duration fits in with how often you can play and keep buying boatloads of those. Bear in mind that the price of multiple buildings goes up the more that you own so the law of diminishing returns applies.
    Hope that helps, enjoy the game and a big warm welcome to the forum. 🤗
  • Oh yeah, and I forgot about friend visits; keep recruiting friends and visiting them all every day even after you've collected your daily quota of friend points you still get cash. Then when you finally unlock the top fp prize (mulberry Island if I remember correctly) the cash payout for friend visits triples with the chance to score the occasional donut for your efforts.
  • Thankyou for the advice much appreciated I played a few years ago but lost my world so recently restarted from the start I’ve added quite a few people but I’ll start using the strategy you’ve told me thankyou
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    Sorry, couldn't resist. Great book by the way. But you should start at the beginning of the series with The Colour of Magic
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