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Mount carlmore

Can anyone tell me before I spend donuts on Mount carlmore in the vault, whether it is in the mystery yearbook too? And is it worth buying anyway? Thanks


  • fizzbin71825
    239 posts Member
    edited January 2021
    Mount Carlmore is in the Yearbook, column 2 if I'm not mistaken.
  • OK thanks. That'll save me a lot of donuts :)
  • KLmaker
    1498 posts Member
    If I want to find out if an item is worth buying I usually look at TSTO Addicts forum and the Simpsons Wiki.
    Addicts do a Should I Buy page for some items, which talk about what it does? Are there any jobs there? Is it animated? Is there a bonus?
    But there is so much advertising I cannot leave the site quick enough.
    I wanted to do it yesterday but I will invariably do it tomorrow (ish).
  • 3.5% Bonus
  • I just got Mount carlmore in the yearbook for 30 donuts, and yes 3.5% bonus. :)
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