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Strange glitch

I've just had a really strange glitch in the game, and I wonder whether anyone else has.
Last night I sent most of my characters on an 8 hour task in the brown House. This morning when I cashed in, I collected all the money for it, but the characters were still stuck in the house. Tapping on the house didn't show the characters and I couldn't assign them to a new task.
I left the game then went back on, and all the cash was there to collect again, along with donuts for the xp.
I did this several times, and collected more money each time, racking up donuts and loads of money.
Maybe I should have done that for the rest of the day, now when I think about it, but eventually I put the brown House into storage, and all the characters came out then, and everything was back to normal and I still had all the extra cash.


  • I had the same, when all the characters were sent to the chimp refuge. The only way to clear it was to store the building and bring it back. Seemed to have been sorted in the last update I think though for me at least.
  • If I'd known that I would keep the money and xp, once it was back to normal, i would have kept collecting it for a couple of days. I was getting almost 2 million every time I did it.
  • This is a pretty common glitch. You can go to the friends screen and back to reset and collect it. And yes, it will keep going until you store the building.
  • Yes I did the friend's screen a few times. Next time I'll keep it going for a few days
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