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Monorail quest vanished?



  • AllyEriha
    8 posts New member
    It’s 2021 and this has happened to me. EA has told me multiple times to log out, I’m on level 40 and have clearly spent over $200 on the game and my monorail quest disappeared after I was meant to run Gil out of town
  • 11EEvey
    2641 posts Member
    @AllyEriha this thread is 3 years old so probably not the exact same problem
    I have seen a few issues with monorail on here recently.
    Make sure all your characters are free of task
    Make sure that Homer and Lisa especially do not have really old tasks in the taskbook to do, get them done
    You should contact EA for help until you get someone who can actually help you.
    Contact through the game phone or live chat, best M-F US central time business hours
    or try them on Twitter
  • One common thing that breaks the Monorail quest is if you fill up the junk yard before the game tells you too. When the junk yard first appears, only collect as much trash as you need to to continue the quest.

    I made this mistake with the game I started in 2016 and unfortunately EA won’t do anything to fix it. As far as I can tell, this can still happen with new games.
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