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KrustyLand 2.0

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Hey-hey, happy tappers!! KrustyLand is back!
For my 5,000th post, I've completed my new KrustyLand. (It's as complete as it will get for a while, since I'm stuck at the current max limit of 13,000 items.)
I've replicated the official KL map that's on display at the Simpsons Ride, Universal Studios, FL.
Here's that map where you can read all the attractions:
And here's the image I used for inspiration:
I have loved KL since the beginning, and you can still see my original KL in the Memorial Thread pinned at the top of this Showcase Section. All tappers are welcome to post in THAT thread, your old skool KL from when it was on a separate playing field. If you're too new to remember, that's ok!

I tried using the game's new "full town screen capture" function, but it doesn't save a true-to-scale image to let you zoom in close. So here's the screen-shot mosaic I stitched together and saved at full resolution, so you can zoom in and tour the park, same as in-game. Check it out:

There's a few changes to the park, maybe you can find them all. A few rides had to be changed out due to game availability; for example the Waterless Waterslide (which isn't in TSTO) has been replaced with Itchy's Eyeballs of Death. Captain D's Pirate Rip-off has been replaced with the Tunnel of Love, but the pirate ship has been moved to the coastline. Certain features, I had to get creative. If you closely compare the map with my park, you'll see where I used whatever was available in-game to make it happen.

If you look very closely, you can see your favorite Springfieldians enjoying themselves at the park! Can you find Homer, Bart, Milhouse, and Ralph? See any other characters??

To make it easier to compare the images, i made this that's scaled a little better.fgnkkki5ijlh.jpg

I hope you all are enjoying the recent updates to the game, and also hope my excitement once again motivates YOU to build your own KrustyLand.


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  • 4junk3000
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    Here's some close ups of the parts where i had to be crafty:

    The underground parking deck i did my best to give a 3-D effect. I also like how the parade stays in this little strip of road at the front. And the pirate ship obviously can only go out in the main water, so this was also the best i could do to include it.
    Mt. Krustmore is simply too small to use as-is, so i built it up a little bigger to be a worthy centerpiece. Behind it, the LA Traffic Jam, which we don't have, is now simply an "NBA Jam" basketball game.
    Dig Homer wasting his money on that ring toss. No one ever wins that!

    I really appreciate the giant Burns animated task now that I've designated this as the Castle Shaped Stadium. Behind it, the Duff Puff worked perfectly for whatever that large barrel was. The Thrilltactular is also not available, so i combined the Casino Safari and Roger Myers Story to make up the similar design. These really needed to be in the park so it was a great fit. And the Really Long Line, is exactly that!
    There's no giant octopus, so i used the only tentacled creatures we have, combined with the newer Log Ride. I think it works well, and K&K will likely be drinking hilarium indefinitely at the new SeaCaptain's Queasy Sea ride. Behind it, i did the best i could to dress our sawmill with striped canopies, to make the BBQ restaurant behind it. The Death Drop conveniently adds a little cloud cover!
    The location of Duff Gardens is not included in the KL map, but i wanted to locate it nearby, so i added it behind the Duff Pavilion. It's designed to look like a neighboring attraction. Remarkably, the pieces i was able to craft for the Zoominator worked out just right to fit into the layout.
    The Wet&Smoky Stunt show also is far too underscaled, so i combined with Slimu feature, then fenced it together and added an observation platform by the cannon. This was a difficult layout to balance. On its left, i used both skate ramps to make Poochy's skate park. I'll keep him and Bart "shredding" as often as possible!!

    The entire park is a replication of the animated map, which i assume is a Matt Groening creation. I try to follow official MG drawings for inspiration as much as possible. All the little hedges and trees are as closely matched as i could. The covered bridge, Moe's Tunnel of Shame, and the Screamatorium of Dr. Frightmarestein were all clever positioning tricks to match the map. The only thing i couldn't include, was the Spit n' Watch Aerial Gondolas. Maybe someday they'll give us something to work there.

    The most critical part of the design, is its placement relative to the rest of SF. In the map, you can see the power plant directly behind the park, then the rest of SF. I had to wait to accumulate the newest rows of land, as well as shift the Plant, river, and city dump back 2 rows to scavenge just enough space. In fact, i really want one more row to complete the close side of the KL Hotel and Duff Gardens. I hope that happens someday. KrustyLu Studios is positioned exactly as drawn, and that will dictate the surrounding layout yet to be built. I'll add the rest of my Burns' casino area next to it, then rebuild my desert zone with its Outland, archaeological dig, and Burning Man areas; behind that and into the far east corner of the grid. I'm looking forward to building it all, as i finally have a clear direction to go.

    This was fun, and took me back to the early days of tapping. I hope you all enjoy the design. Look around, make comparisons. And as usual i have no problem with copying any designs, so no worries, it's fun to share with the TSTO community. You're the only people who "get it". I have a few neighbor vacancies if you'd like to explore in-person, but please PM me a note if you'd like to send a req as i typically delete unannounced reqs.

    Happy Tapping!

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  • 11EEvey
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    Very well done!
  • Fantastic!
  • 1pillform
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    Absolutely brilliant. Wish the item count was high enough for me to start over on mine. I am afraid once I start I will end up maxing it out in only a half hour.
    ~Always be Designing~
    Don't increase the Item Limit? Then I don't play. Period.
  • Death Mountain was a really cool replacement for the Building with the Skull.

    Its cool and Useful !
  • 4junk3000
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    Thanks, Wes!

    I have since added employee parking...
    ... And the KL monorail station:
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  • KLmaker
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    Great, I love it, downloaded some images to use as inspiration.

    Love the ice blocks for steps, I think I only got 3 because that's what you had to do for the task, gutted.

    Not that I'm going to build Krustyland in Springfield or add it with Itchy & Scratchy, (But that's a personal thing), but it is very impressive and I do like it.

    Especially, you repurposed some of the purple hills from the ride as just hills, I am definitely going to look at that.
    I wanted to do it yesterday but I will invariably do it tomorrow (ish).
  • 4junk3000
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    Thank you, KLm!

    The purpose of this KL build was to duplicate the Universal Studios illustration as closely as i could with what's available in-game. The few substitutions I've made were fun to discover as suitable upon placement.

    It IS interesting to see how some I&S Land features were used in this illustration, even though i thought they were two different parks. Such is the randomness of the Simpsons geography, that follows no canon design.

    If you haven't seen my original KL, which isn't too impressive by today's standards, but back in the day of KL hating was one of the biggest parks around. I like that park a lot, because i really got picky about trying to inject logic and realism to the layout. I've lived near two different Six Flags parks and the Jersey Shore Boardwalk, so i love big amusement parks, and those are what inspired me. You're welcome to take inspiration from anything you've seen in my designs, and carry them forward.

    Happy tapping!
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  • KLmaker
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    Thank you 4junk3000 I have already moved 4 of those log ride pieces up to my zoo for the habitats along with the 2 mountains for the time travel car jump and I think Bart skateboards around the other one.

    My mistake, I have 7 ice blocks, but now I want more!
    I wanted to do it yesterday but I will invariably do it tomorrow (ish).
  • This is great, 4junk3000. I found your post during quarantine last year and spent some quality lockdown time building my KL using yours as a template. This is exactly what I was picturing when I wanted to build mine but I had no idea where to begin. Thank you so much!! :)

    My KL is very similar to yours but there are some buildings in your KL I don't have and some I have but you didn't include in yours. So, similar but not exact. Idk if you have The Paralyzer but that's a fun addition because a car flies off and hits Springfield Elementary or one of the brown houses every time you tap it. Also, I have two Tunnel of Loves so am trying to figure out where to put the second one. I'm thinking of turning it into a pirate ride (besides the "Tunnel of Love" sign, I think it looks kinda pirate-y).

    I killed myself trying to figure out which building you had next to the KL hotel and thought I would eventually come on here and ask you. Last week I got the Globex Compound in the Yearbook Mystery Box, saw that I could expand R&D and lo and behold, there's the building. (Now I'm wondering what you used for the swimming pool.)

    Thanks again for sharing your ideas and inspiration.
  • 4junk3000
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    Wow! Thanks @krstykrabbrwocky that is a very generous compliment. Please send me a friend invite as id love to see your KL!

    I think that pool is from the SH mansion upgrade pieces, just cleverly positioned to conceal the second tier of it, so it looks like a flat pool.

    I am saving the paralyzer for a country fair I plan to build, using most of the pagan event items. But my KL only has the buildings specified in the map displayed at Universal Studios. Anything else Krusty ive used in other places around my town. I have a Krusty section on my Squidport for example.

    Im placing the second tunnel of love now and trying to integrate with my SH Reservoir. I may make a couples airBnB resort with it.
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  • 4junk3000
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    4junk3000 wrote: »
    To make it easier to compare the images, i made this that's scaled a little better.fgnkkki5ijlh.jpg
    Wow! I forgot how well I tried to match my design to the Groening KL illustration. Not bad!
    "You're the most negative person I've ever seen on here. Constantly."
  • Yeah I am still in awe of your Krustyland and have this thread bookmarked in case I decide to copy yours use yours as a guide if I revamp mine.
  • 4junk3000
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    Actually @krstykrabbrwocky it seems I've upgraded the pool to the Klub Krusty version. rl192xam1id1.png
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  • Here’s my updated KL. finally finished, at least for now! :)
  • 4junk3000
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    I visited your park yesterday, @terradane . It looks great! I love the castle and its approach through the I&S archway. Someday i hope to have a clever parking area like you have too! Well done!
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  • terradane
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    edited August 22
    Thank you! I was trying to recreate a “real” KL like you did, but you’re way ahead :) And in creating the back part, I was inspired by Disneyland with its Sleeping Beauty castle. We, in turn, have The Wisdom Liza☝️
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