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Unable To Release Characters from Daily Task

So, yesterday’s daily task was to send characters on a 4-hour job at Krusty Burger.

On completion of the job, I tapped on the 257 thumbs up and added the currency earned to my account, however Bart’s character icon was still displaying in the top left of the screen with a green tick. When I tapped on this icon, it took me to the same Krusty Burger, albeit there were no jobs showing as incomplete.

Now, every 4 hours, I get 257 thumbs up, add the currency to my account, the characters then disappear back into Krusty Burger, and Bart’s icon remains in the top left of the screen with a green tick in perpetuity.

Effectively, I have 257 characters out of play. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it but to no avail.

Has anyone a resolution otherwise it looks as though my game is over after 8 years?

For reference, I play from an iPad.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


  • ***Update*** A technical support officer has now rectified this glitch.

    For the benefit of other forum members, if they encounter a similar issue, the steps followed were as follows:

    1) Place Krusty Burger in inventory;
    2) Visit a neighbour and action 3 tasks;
    3) Reinstate Krusty Burger in town
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