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Customer care (aka eliza) always send the same respond if you report the well known problem:
Hello <customer name> my name is <place any name by chance>

I will help you with your problem. We knoe this problem since a while and our technicians are working on it. We can‘t state when this problem will be fixed.

Don‘t come back to us as we give a sh*** on out customer.

Instead please visiit our social media channels so that we get more clicks on it.


And that‘s it- I‘d send a couple of complaints but always got the same answer. IMHO they will not fix this issue because they can‘t and are not willing to do so. Sorry for the more than 10 years I‘d enjoiyed playing this game.

Bye bye!


  • Nicknd84
    2938 posts Member
    Think you should try again maybe via a different way of contacting them also if you’ve got the name of the person who you allegedly told you “I don’t give a [email protected]@!t you should complain to EA about that member if what you’re saying is correct as they can’t say that to their customer/gamers.

    Oh and on another note please don’t create multiple threads and spam the forums. Only one would do and please don’t post it in finding friends section.
    My friend list is full

    Live life to the full

    Love you Davo Rest in paradise
  • hmmm are we sure it's eliza always posting the same thing?...
  • Yes well I have been playing for 15 years. No reply to my email or anything. I had more than 6000 donuts in credit and more than 4 billion in money credits. My email address is so old it doesn’t work anymore. When I said who I was and gave them a new email. No reply.
    EA does not have my support anymore. Will be making an official complaint to consumer affairs Australia. At least refund my donuts.
  • Lost another one EA
  • I too am a time traveler.
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